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Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

Moser's Site Ms. If either person is under 16 years of age, the order must be from the Family Court judge of the county or borough in which the person under 16 years of age resides. If you were married before, you must list all prior marriages. You must include your previous spouse's full name; the date the divorce decree was granted; and the city, state, and country where the divorce was issued.

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  • Index to Deaths in Buffalo, New York, 1852-1944.
  • Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records - New York State Department of Health.
  • Index to Deaths in Buffalo, New York, 1852-1944.

You may also be required to show a certified copy of the divorce decree or other dissolution document. No premarital examination or blood test is required to obtain a marriage license in New York State. Surnames do not automatically change after marriage. You must choose your legal surname. One or both parties may choose to change their surnames. Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit.

If either you or your prospective spouse is under the age of 18 years, you are required to have written parental consent to obtain a Marriage License. Both of your parents must be present to consent and have proper identification at the time of application for the Marriage License and at the Marriage Ceremony if the ceremony is performed in borough office of the clerk.

If one parent is deceased, the surviving parent must appear and a death certificate for the deceased parent must be produced. If either prospective spouse is under the age of sixteen years, in addition to parental consent, the written approval of a Judge of the Supreme Court or Family Court is needed.