How to get a copy of your birth certificate

Documentation for death requests includes proof of relationship or direct interest, or proof of legal interest to the person named on the record.

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  • Where can I get a certified copy of my birth certificate?!

Customers may choose between two sources to purchase birth and death certificates online. Both offer the option of expedited shipping and allow for payment utilizing a credit card. The Indiana State Department of Health supports both reputable entities as options for a convenient way to purchase your vital information online. The form includes applicable fees, identification requirements, and mailing address.

Information on Obtaining a Copy of a Birth Record

Please make checks payable to Indiana State Department of Health. To order a birth or death certificate by phone and pay with a credit card, please call This is a toll-free number that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to place certificate orders and provide customer service support through a reputable third party company.

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Vital Records is the only place to get a birth certificate for an adopted child. Divorce certificates may be obtained from the clerk of court in the county where the divorce is filed.

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How to Order Certificates

It is recommended that you use the latest version of Nitro Reader to view these documents. Note that not all web browsers handle opening of PDF files in the same manner. If you have problems, try saving the document on your computer first and then opening that saved document with Nitro Reader. You can also drop off the form at the Vital Records Office in Raleigh between a.

Payments accepted in person include money order, certified check, business check, or cash. No personal checks please.

Birth Record Online Request

Directions to our office. If no record is found, you will be sent a letter.

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  7. The search fee is nonrefundable even if a record is not located. Fill in the form as in step one.

    Write "Expedite" on the outside front of the envelope. Search fees and expedite fees are non-refundable even if a record is not located. You can request same-day, walk-in service in the Vital Records Office in Raleigh.

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    Walk-in service is available between a. The search fee and the expedite fee are non-refundable even if a record is not located. Online service is available at www. Outside the U.