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The viewer relies mostly on voluntarily submitted well water samples from homeowners and other well water data collected by state agencies over the past 25 years.

Well Water Quality Viewer: Private Well Data for Wisconsin

It would not have been made possible without the many well owners who took the initiative to have their wells tested. Because groundwater quality can often be very site specific for certain contaminants, many water samples are required to get a sense of groundwater quality at a county or watershed scale. Yes, absolutely. The viewer is not a replacement for testing your well. Well water quality is often very site or system specific.

Wood County, Marshfield (US 10/WIS 13)

Certain tests like bacteria are recommended to be tested for on an annual basis or anytime water changes color, taste or odor. For more information on important tests to perform on a private well please download the brochure:. Anytime you invest in a new home or property with a private well we strongly encourage you to have it inspected by a certified well inspector and have it sampled for some basic water quality concerns at that time. Many of the results displayed in the viewer are voluntarily submitted well water samples and we cannot verify the results of any one individual test result.

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Individual test results have the potential to misrepresent water quality, both good and bad. For example, some homeowners submit samples that have passed through water treatment devices that may make water quality appear better than it actual is. A past positive bacteria test may no longer be an issue if an old well cap was replaced. Lastly, water quality can change over time. Many of the samples displayed in the viewer may be years or even decades old and not representative of the well water at the time of sale.

Sampling the well prior to purchasing the property is the only way to know for sure the current water quality. The value of the water quality viewer is in the amount of data displayed. It does a good job of showing areas where water quality has been degraded or is more likely to exceed certain drinking water standards. It relies on the law of averages and requires large numbers of samples in order to characterize water quality for a county or town.

The smaller the number of samples the less representative the information will be of water quality in an area. The viewer is not a replacement for a water test and should not be used for site specific planning purposes. The viewer is good at identifying areas where water quality issues exist.

Wood County Open Data Portal

It is not designed to look at trends in water quality over time. Answering whether water quality is getting better or worse requires baseline data as a starting point and regular monitoring of wells into the future. This viewer is a good start for communities to view baseline data and identify areas where more data is needed.

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