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Flaggie LE. Bought an FFR Defender from a dealer a few years ago and would be fascinated to know if anyone can tell me its history. Army registration was 30 KB It's a left-hand-drive hard top and had been used by the DSA at one stage. Any info or pointers to where I can get info gratefully received.

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MODs: feel free to move this to another forum if more appropriate. Hellmans LE.

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It is probably listed by the audit office as " not quite missing we know it went for repair somewhere". It should have Rod LE Kit Reviewer. Well, well, well, Hey! Small world is'nt it? I know, as I drove 'her' on more than several occassions. Hope this helps.

Rod said:. Norfolknchance LE. As promised to Rod, a couple of piccies. On the left, the proud new owner prepares to reverse her new acquisition out of the yard. On the right, the picture that the dealer used to advertise said vehicle. And I was mistaken about the initials on the side: they were DRE. I'll go with the former. M J C Crow.

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M J C said:. The radio fit would be Clansman. A right old bag of bits there!

They were so early they ALL had to have their engines changed. Are the radio batteries if fitted on two parallel slide-out trays, or just bolted to the floor? The SIII had them bolted to the floor, and the radio table had to come out completely if the batteries needed to come out or even inspected. This was much better on the The SIII had a fixed 24V electrical system, with just the one alternator, but everything was well protected against the vehicle components causing interference on the radio side.

This had the side effect of making replacement sparkplugs ridiculously expensive. Welcome to the Textiles section of Ex-MoD. We have the largest stock of Ex- British Military items in the World. If you have any queries please contact us via the 'Ask a Question' tool. Used ex.

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Nato plant and equipment for sale and export- the UK. Military Land Rovers for sale If you prefer to purchase Land Rovers, Range Rovers, then you will be pleased with the smart selection we have on site. All used models are still in perfect working order, so whichever one you choose you can be assured you will be able to get on with the job straight away.

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Ex military vehicles for sale. Please see the DESA page for information about the sale of surplus military equipment and inventory from You're looking at a piece of history, an ex-army Land Rover Defender 90 Piggyback soft top - 1 of only 27 in the world that was specifically modified for air-dropping from a Hercules C plane. Welcome to exmod-uk. We analyzed Exmod-uk. Mon-Sun Ex army trucks, ex reserve military vehicles, ex mod Amount Term 12 months 18 months 24 months 30 months 36 months 42 months 48 months 54 months 60 months Credit rating Poor Fair Good Excellent Calculate finance.

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You'll soon be fined for touching your phone while driving. Following the recent thread on the relative merits of buying ex police cars, does anyone have any experience of purchasing ex MOD cars. There is a dealer local to me in Cornwall, Direct2U who supply these vehicles. On the plus side I would assume that the cars are likely to have good service histories. On the down side they may have been used as pool cars with all the abuse that entails. Some of them are bullet proof, great if your on a hit list but not very good for the petrol consumption.

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The site I am speaking of has Land Rovers and the like. Once went to one of those MOD auctions. Chiefly remembered for the opportunity to climb behind the wheel of a Mighty Antar tank transporter. Could not believe the prices. Stupid money paid for Landies which looked as if they'd been dropped, sans parachute, out of the back of a C Herc and then run over by a tank.

I've no experience of the company, but this is a handy website: www. Thanks to all for the advice and URLs.

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Only problem was, cambelt went and he decided to say goodbye to it. You will be looking at base or even special order, low spec, in most cases. Choice of around or so R plate plate Corsas, miles , It may not be as cheap as you first thought!! VB Reply Report as offensive Link. I bought an ex mod Vauxhall Astra from Indianna Queens five yeas ago and the car was great, low mileage and good price.