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The issues of husbands and fathers are part of an equation that demands recognition from the courts, as well as from other lawyers, wives, mothers, children, and all who are affected by family law issues. Our decades of experience have equipped us with the knowledge needed to help fathers and husbands navigate common problems experienced during divorce.

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Our approach is founded on listening, being responsive, keeping our clients prepared and informed, and understanding their priorities and concerns. You can expect ethical, professional service tailored to your unique family law situation. I would strongly encourage anyone to hire this very professional organization should they be facing the difficulties of divorce. She never treated me like a client, she treated me like I was part of her family. She fought hard for me and always had my best She treated me professionally and helped me get through one of the most difficult periods of my life with dignity.

For over 30 years, the American Divorce Association for Men has served men who are facing serious family law issues. We know that many men have the odds stacked against them during some of the most serious times in their lives and strive to be the solution that they need. Our attorneys have been an experienced voice for thousands of men, and we are proud of the life-changing results that we have earned. If you are facing family law issues of any kind, you require strategic guidance from lawyers who know how to obtain results. We've been handling cases throughout Michigan for over 30 years.

When you call us, you speak to an attorney. We put you and your needs first by offering after-hours and weekend appointments. Should you stay in your marriage for your kids? If your spouse files a divorce based on fault, you can dispute the reasons you are at fault.

Divorces are as unique as the people involved with them. If you and your spouse agree to terms like child custody and property division, your divorce will be final quicker. The minimum amount of time for a divorce to finalize is 90 days because that is the length of the statutory waiting period. An uncontested divorce will finalize within 90 to days. If there is a separation agreement involved, the timeline is closer to the days. There are simplified divorce procedures for people who are in complete agreement and they may apply to you.

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That is why it is important to discuss this with an attorney. That depends on whether you decide on a no-fault or fault divorce. With a no-fault divorce, you simply plead that the marriage is beyond repair and it is time to move on. Fault divorces litigate who is at fault for the failure and determine who receives a greater share of property or damages based on the proof of that fault.

A no-fault divorce does not require parties to prove blame for the breakdown of the marriage.

You also have the option of filing for divorce and claiming one person is to blame for the failure of the marriage. Common fault grounds include cruelty and abuse, desertion for one year or more, adultery , impotency, excessive use of drugs or alcohol , failure to provide support or maintenance, and sentences of five years or more in a penal institution.

These actions are much more intense and will drive up your attorney fees. It is recommended that you choose a no-fault divorce unless you have solid proof of any fault grounds and prevailing produces sizable advantages to you. Your only option is no-fault divorce in these areas. Separation agreements often occur before a divorce to set out terms for child custody, the division of debts and property, and what to do with the family home.

It will also make it easier to finalize your divorce since those terms will be favored through the procedure. Once the judge signs a Judgement of Divorce, it becomes final after a 90 day waiting period where it becomes an Absolute. There are cases in simplified divorces where the waiting period is reduced to 30 days but that only applies in specific circumstances.

Unfortunately, even uncontested cases require a court hearing. You can file a motion requesting a waiver of attendance but it is unlikely to be granted except under dire circumstances. Keep in mind that while this seems inconvenient, your hearing in an uncontested case will not be too time-consuming or complex. If the Absolute is not in effect yet, you and your spouse and stipulate to dismissing the divorce action.

That will stop the current process and will not restrict your options to refile in the future. Adultery has no impact in a no-fault proceeding. If you file a fault proceeding, then you need to prove adultery occurred. Keep in mind that unless you walked in your spouse and the other individual while they were in the act, this is a difficult task and you are unlikely to prevail when proving adultery. A divorce is final 90 days after the judge signs a Judgement of Divorce. At that point, it is an Absolute and you are officially divorced.

If you decided the divorce was a mistake after that point, the only remedy is to get remarried. An annulment is a declaration that a marriage never existed. For example, if you discovered your spouse was already married to someone else, that renders your marriage invalid and you can secure an annulment.

A divorce proceeding ends a legal and valid marriage.

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Even if you realize one week after your wedding the marriage was a mistake, you still need to go through a divorce. A short ill-thought-out marriage is still a marriage. There is still misinformation circulating that these short time frames allow an annulment. If you wish to protect your children or hide embarrassing information, you must file a motion to request your records be sealed. Many courts are willing to grant that motion if there was abuse involved.

A legal separation is court authorization for spouses to live apart. Massachusetts does not require court permission to move out of the marital home so the concept of legal separation does not exist here. If both parties agree to the changes, it is only a matter of submitting the signed modification to the court. The judge then finalizes it.

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Otherwise, you need to file a Complaint for Modification and convince the court that there was a material change of circumstances since the entry of the original judgment. Grounds must be based on new facts or facts that were not known at the time. You can not relitigate previous issues. Massachusetts has one of the lowest divorce rates in the U. You can change your name at any time through a separate court proceeding, even before a final divorce order. If you would rather finish a name change in one step, wait until the final divorce order and then use that document to change your name at the DMV, Social Security Office, and other agencies.

Collaboration is an ongoing process where parties constantly negotiate until they reach an agreement. Mediation is an informal proceeding where an unattached third party guides the discussion for one to two days to help parties find agreement. You can file divorce forms online and file your own complaint. However, if you have children or face abuse from your spouse, this is not recommended. An attorney offers a measure of protection but also helps you avoid knee jerk decision making that will affect you for the rest of your life.

There are some circumstances where a divorce may be completed for a flat fee but that only works in a few cases. In addition to attorney fees, there are filing fees.

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Alimony is determined by considering the length of the marriage, abilities of spouses to earn an income, age of each spouse, and any health issues that prevent full-time work. Other factors include the present and future needs of children and conduct during the marriage such as abuse, adultery or abandonment.

Check out our Massachusetts Alimony Calculator. You can file a Temporary Order that requires payment of alimony and child support until the judge signs a final order. Eligibility is determined by the ability of each spouse to maintain a standard of living similar to the one acquired during the marriage. Job skills, age, and health issues are all considered when determining whether a spouse needs alimony.

Most alimony is transitional or rehabilitative to allow a spouse time to adjust to independent living.

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