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Lastly, you could be jailed depending on the circumstances of the case and if you are not a US citizen deportation could also be a possibility. All your concerns will be answered in an efficient manner as soon as possible.

Even though Medical fraud can take different guises with new ones showing up daily, we can sum up to 3 types. Counties , Medicare Fraud , Miami-Dade. Broward , Counties , Medicare Fraud. Palm Beach County Medicare Fraud.

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Phantom billing: The medical provider bills Medicare for unnecesary procedures and test as well as buy equipment that is billed as new but it is not. Patient billing: In this scenario, the patient himself can be For example: a patient who is in on the scam provides his Medicare number in exchange for kickbacks or a patient may provide his Medicare number and allow a provider to bill Medicare for tests and procedure either unneeded or unfulfilled. Upcoding scheme and unbundling : This fraud seeks to receive additional Medicare funds illegally.

For instance, Inflating bills by using a billing code that indicates the patient needs expensive procedures. Typical rates can be found here: misdemeanors and here: felonies.

W e all make mistakes. In fact, just recently, several judges were arrested and charged with DUI. I believe good people can make bad mistakes, just like I know that police often make mistakes during arrests and misinterpret what they see. The vast majority of my many DUI cases have ended favorably. Knowledge from experience, combined with the close attention to detail I devote to my cases, often revealed details overlooked by others. Details that allowed me to successfully argue Motions to Suppress Evidence, or negotiate plea agreements, that reduced many first offense DUI charges to just Reckless Driving, a misdemeanor.

In short, mistakes are an essential part of personal, and cultural growth. M ary Jane, Marijuana, pot, weed, cannabis, chronic, krypy, or whatever name you prefer, is illegal in Florida. While a number of states have recently legalized medicinal and recreational use of the drug, Florida has not. I have a solid track record with drug possession charges. Chances are I can get your charges dismissed, help you avoid conviction entirely, and keep your license.

N umerous charges in Florida are subcategorized as violent crimes. Said charges include, but are not limited to, murder, kidnapping, rape or sexual battery, home invasion, robbery, carjacking, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and even burglary.

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Not to mention that most violent crimes usually carry mandatory prison sentences by law. If a firearm is used in the commission of any violent crime then the life punishment code is enforced. If charged with such a crime it is important that you have an aggressive attorney with proven results. I have defended clients charged with all the aforementioned charges. Some of the results from said cases can be found here. I can be of assistance in defending your violent crime case.

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Call me today to discuss. C ommonly referred to as breaking and entering is a very common crime. The crime is actually entering the property of another with the intent to commit a crime inside. Technically speaking, burglary does not require proof of breaking in, nor is proof that a crime ever occurred inside the property of another. Burglary only requires proof that when the property was entered the person had the necessary intent.

Burglary is divided into two categories based on the type of property that is entered. Burglary of a dwelling, any home or residence regardless of whether it is occupied, is a second degree felony.

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Burglary of a structure, any building other than a home, or conveyance, a vehicle, is a third degree felony. Since proof of the burglary in often hinges on the intent of the person charged at the moment of entry, there are defenses. Call my office to discuss the facts of your burglary case. T he most common reason for arrest in the United States is drug possession. Whether its cocaine, prescription pills without a valid script Xanax, Percocet, Oxycontin, Lortab, Etc… , crack, heroin, pcp, lsd, or peyote, possession of even a small amount in Florida is a felony.

Possession of any drug, except small amounts of marijuana, is a felony in Florida. Regardless of whether the charge itself related to a car, involved a car, or involved driving in any way, being convicted of a drug charge will take your license automatically. We can help. Remember just because you had the drugs on or near you does not mean that you are guilty. Let us examine your case.

Let us analyze how the interaction with law enforcement began. Let us analyze whether your Fourth Amendment rights were violated. Let us fight for you. B eing on probation including house arrest and community control is not easy. Unforeseen and unimaginable issues can arise that result in violations and incarceration. In other words, when on probation, seemingly everyday activities can put the probationer at risk of violating and going back to jail. At LeRoy Law we take pride in representing individuals in all probation issues including:.

Probation is not freedom, you will still be under close and unrelenting supervision from the first day. At our firm, we put our all into each and every case we take on because we know that your entire way of life may be on the line.

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We analyze your case from all angles, consider every possible line of defense, bounce ideas off one another to ensure nothing is overlooked, and even bring in subject-matter experts as needed. Respect has always been central to our firm philosophy. No matter your situation, our team will treat you and your loved ones with understanding and fight for you as though your case were our own. This will give you the insight you need to make informed decisions. By preparing for trial from day one, we in turn gain leverage in your case — whether or not it ever makes it to the courtroom.

We over-prepare. If our client is under investigation, we vigorously scour through any and all information pertaining to that investigation. While we approach every case differently, there are a few services we offer to all of our clients in order to make the legal process easier on them. For starters, we offer free consultations for all of our criminal cases.

No matter where your case stands, we will start off our professional relationship right by hearing your story, addressing your concerns, and working with you to determine what needs to happen next. Standing up for clients' rights. Experienced in Law.