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Clair County Jail. Individuals who are awaiting trial or who are serving a sentence for a misdemeanor or low-level felony in St. Clair County will likely be held in the St.

St. Clair County jail joins small but growing ranks of jails offering addiction medication

If you are planning to visit someone in the St. Clair County Jail, you will have to follow several rules and procedures. In order to bail someone out of the Port Huron jail, you may submit the payment to the court. After normal business hours, payments can be made at the St. Bail may be paid by cash bonds or credit cards.

You may also pay by credit card via www. If you need help to bail someone out of jail , contact our Port Huron area bail bondsman for assistance. Tags: Port Huron Jail , St. Surles said the Alabama Department of Corrections should be responsible for taking inmates to court hearings and he plans to study the issue to see if an agreement could be reached for the state to handle more transports.

Department of Corrections spokesman Brian Corbett said he didn't know if the prison system would be willing or able to take on that responsibility. In , Stallworth pleaded guilty to the murders of two women in Macon County. He was charged with killing an inmate in St. Trading or giving away of underclothing, obtained through commissary by the indigent inmates will be prohibited and subject to loss of commissary privileges. All books, including bibles, must have soft covers.

Inmates may not receive paperback books, magazines and other soft covered materials from any other source. Inmates will be permitted to accumulate four 4 books and publications in their cell at a given time. Before receiving a new daily newspaper, the inmate shall pass out his old papers to be deposed of. The delivery of any newspaper, magazine, book or other type of publication may be withheld for a period not to exceed 72 hours in order to inspect for contraband. The delivery of any book, magazine, or other publication may be refused when there is a reason to believe that delivery to, or possession of, that particular item by an inmate would allow entry of contraband into the St.

Clair County Jail, or would create a tangible security risk. In any case, where delivery is refused, the respective inmate for whom the item was intended shall be notified in writing of such and the specific reason for this action.

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The inmate is entitled to a hearing on this issue and upon request, a hearing on the decision shall be provided in the same manner as described herein in the disciplinary proceedings for minor rule violations. Inmates shall be responsible for canceling all subscriptions upon discharge or transfer from this facility. The St.

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Clair County Sheriff Department is not responsible for publications received after the inmate is discharged. Clair County Jail has several hundred books for inmates to read. All reading material must be kept in good condition and returned in the same condition. If an emergency arises whereby money is needed from an inmate's account, the inmate will send a request to the Corrections Sergeant, who will in turn have commissary issue, a check to be released by the inmate. Clair County Jail for the convenience of the inmate.

Order sheets will be issued by commissary. Blank order sheets may be obtained from the correction s officer and must be signed by the inmate. The expense of the purchase will be deducted from the inmates trust account. Commissary orders must be turned in to corrections officers by a.

To qualify, you must not be a security risk or have any history of violent crimes or behavior, drug addiction and have the ability to follow orders and satisfy the job assignment. Violation of any St. Clair County Jail rule will result in the loss of trustee status.


Clair County Jail is on the regular family visiting day. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Clothing must be in accordance with inmate rules. Personal clothing will be allowed for all court appearances where jail clothing would be prejudicial to the inmate.

Directions to St. Clair County Jail (Saint Clair Township) with public transportation

After the inmate has been arraigned in court, clothing will be issued to the inmate, including underwear and socks. No other clothing will be allowed in the living area of the jail. Clair County Intervention and Detention Center. The IDC cannot accommodate any possible pre-marital counseling that may be required. Further, the IDC does not have the facilities or the security to allow a wedding ceremony. Visitors must go on-line at www. Each inmate will be allowed one scheduled visit per week free of charge consisting of approximately 30 minutes in duration, unless restricted for a rule violation.

If visitors do not show up for the scheduled visit, it will be considered a visit. Inmates will be allowed three 3 visitors during any one visit, including the children of the inmate.

Two Memorial Day weekend stabbings at St. Clair Correctional Facility.

Children under the age of 17 Years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The child visiting will need to be accompanied with a birth certificate to visit. Visitors must produce identification with a photo, except those children accompanied by an adult. Visitors must comply with all security regulations as directed by St.

Clair County Jail personnel. All visits will be monitored and recorded; all visitors are subject to a search.

Attack on St Clair county Officers

Visits will be held Sunday through Thursday between p. Trustees will be allowed one contact type visiting on Sundays or Mondays from p. With the exception of p. You may schedule as many remote visits as you like as long it does not interfere with the normal operations of the facility. All visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and can be schedule as far as in advance as 14 days.

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All visits will be monitored and recorded. Violators will be restricted from further visitation up to and including a life time ban.