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The child was born in a cyclone at four bells off Cape Dove. Bendall was the ship's doctor. The Times , Monday, Mar 16, ; pg. All the passengers were in good health. Mrs Millar, the wife of one of the passengers, had given birth to an infant abut three weeks before. The Adelaide was to sail from Table Bay on or about the 29th of December.

NZ Journal. March 31, on board ship Parisian , Lyttelton, the wife of Captain J. D'Oyly, of a daughter. The ODT of Oct. The first intimation of the fact was the foal running butt against one of the watch on deck, who got scared, and thought it was a huge dog, but knowing there was none on board, he wondered where the creature came from.

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On recovering his composure, he found it was only an innocent that had left its mother. The little animal was cared for, and with its mother safely landed. During the voyage of the Hauroto from New Zealand an unmarried woman, who was a passenger, gave birth to a child. The Customs Department endeavoured to compel the captain to enter into a bond providing against the infant becoming a burden on the colony. He declined, add it has now been decided that the Customs and Immigration Department has no power to prevent the woman being landed. Evening Post , 12 July Mrs. Kiernan, wife of Mr.

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The deceased lady was born at sea on the ship British Crown during her voyage from London to Lyttelton in She leaves a family of five, the eldest of whom is Mr. Kiernan, of Napier. Corbett, of Upper Hutt, is a daughter. Of the above , are British subjects, while 17, are foreign subjects. Penne wrote in - I have a great aunt, who was saddled with Dominion Fleeta. She had the luck to be born the week the Dominion Fleet arrived in Auckland, and oral history says her mother could see if from her hospital bed.

She was known as Fleeta.

Not born at sea, but surely named after a number of ships.. I wonder the reasons for the 32 events where people have Australia as a forename in the GRO indexes on freebmd and one Timaru. The surgeon's report would list births and those that died on the voyage. Archives have shipping papers passenger lists, surgeon's reports, stores etc. The surgeon's report might be found in the arrival port's newspaper sometimes a couple of weeks after the vessels arrival and at archives.

Infant mortality was high on these three month voyages out to New Zealand. Infants born shortly after arrival in the colony were sometimes named after the vessel. Registrar-General Office of NZ. New Zealand registered birth certificate says 'born at sea' and the child is considered a New Zealander. Register of births at sea of British nationals, , microfilm copy of original records are at the Public Record Office in Kew.

The registers contain name of ship, ship's official number, date of arrival; date of birth; name if any ; sex, name and surname of father; rank, profession or occupation of father; name and surname of mother; maiden surname of mother; nationality, last place of abode of father and mother. Board of Trade Registers contain only a percentage of Births and Deaths at sea that occurred.

Dilemma of Stateless Persons , Geneva. March 24 , The Times Contradictions between legal systems of States adhering to the principle of jus sanguinis the law of descent under which a child takes its parents' nationality regardless of where it is born. Jus soli the law of the soil - foundlings, who when place of birth is unknown, will be presumed to have been born in the country in which they are found. Children born at sea, their birth will be considered to have taken place in the territory of the State whose flag the ship flies or in the territory of the State whose flag the ship flies.

Waikato Times , 7 November , Page 1. Next of Kin. Native land hadst thou not, Born out at sea ; Named for the rocking ship, Cradle to thee. Voyage thine verily Over life 'a wave, Owing earth barely for Tiniest grave. James T.

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In the Century. Extract from the shipboard diary of Alfred Osborne Knight, the surgeon aboard the sailing ship " Ashmore " during its voyage to Auckland. Left Gravesend 18th May - 1st September The diary was written in ink pencil on 40 leaves of paper about A4 size. Page A fine boy had been born. I have expected it for sometime, as I wanted him to make up for the loss I had at the start.

Monday August 28th Just days from the dock disturbed this morning This afternoon was held a Grand Christening of the babe born 14 days ago. The Captain, Husband and the mother still weak but getting on well.

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She left London on 20th September, and arrived at Teneriffe on 4th October; sailed again same day, and reached Capetown on the 22nd. From there to Hobart, which was reached on the 14th November, strong winds and high seas were met with. Sometimes you can find a notation in the UK census to place of birth: e. On the sea, at sea, on the high sea, axsea, on board ship, on the Atlantic Ocean. Their only parish was the ocean, and if stranded on shore they were veritable outcasts. For this reason all persons born at sea were domiciled in the parish of Stepney.

The Bishop of Stepney, it is interesting to note, was godfather to all children born on board English vessels on the high seas. Marriages which took place on such vessels were recorded, and are still recorded, in the diocese of London. The Bishop of Stepney had also the power to appoint naval chaplains; and so it came about that all English ships, man-of-war or otherwise, were classed as belonging to Stepney parish, In the case of.

There are "ships" of the Royal Navy which were never built, never launched, and never floated. They are simply islands. Whale Island, Portsmouth, which is used as a gunnery school, is a case in point. It is rated as H. Ascension is the island of that name, of which we took possession in , and which remains to this day a "ship" of the Royal Navy.

Arrived Doric, S.

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She brings tons of cargo, tons for Dunedin and the rest for Northern ports. One death, a steerage passenger named George Thompson, occurred on May 27th, from cerebral inflammation, and Mrs M. Forden, a steerage passenger, gave birth to a daughter on May 18th. Throughout the voyage the passengers have enjoyed excellent health.

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  5. The Doric left Plymouth on April 23rd. A correspondent sends us the following list of births and deaths on board the ship Otago, which arrived here on the 28th of last month. It appears that a small newspaper was published on board called the Otago Gazette, and in this the following births and deaths were published as they occurred : Births.

    Marriages at sea were quite uncommon.

    Ian Nicholson in Logs of Logs Vol. Marriages were recorded in the official log books and any logs with such entries may still be preserved in the record office, Cardiff, Wales, together with those noting deaths and births? The court was unanimous in holding that a marriage on board ship, under the circumstances, can only be looked upon as a contract per verba de precent , or a consentual marriage, and that its ratification by a religious ceremony was indispensable. William Palmer was a crew member on the 'Isabella Hercus' and that is where he met an assisted immigrant, Ellen Bennett.

    William was discharged at Lyttelton and they were married three months later in Christchurch. Sturart, D. Kock, commander of pilots, Tonning, North Germany. Excerpt courtesy of Rob Beach. Posted 15 Oct. Quarantine Stations in New Zealand. The Passenger Act was instigated to improve the conditions aboard for emigrants and a qualified surgeon, Surgeon Superintendent, was appointed. He was to submit a report on arrival to the Port Health Officer. This report often included the names of those who died and any births, details of schooling and religious services on board.

    Sometimes vessels also had an assistant surgeon.

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    On arrival the 'Port Health Officer' would come out to the vessel along with newspaper reporters and inspect the vessel, logs and interview a few passengers and the ship's surgeon. The Times , Tuesday, Nov 17, ; pg. The first ship which brought the disease was the Victory , from Glasgow, which arrived at Port Chalmers on the 12th July. All certificates will be posted out in a C5 envelope, which will require them to be folded in half.

    Folding a certificate does not invalidate it. Please note: If you request for the certificate to be posted out, it will leave by the following working day at the latest. A full birth certificate contains all the information recorded in the original birth register, including the mother and father's details where recorded.

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    This certificate is required for official purposes such as passport and driving licence applications, and for many insurance, employment, pension and salary requirements. Birth certificates are not evidence of identity. If a person was adopted, the original birth certificate can no longer be used for official use, such as a passport application. We won't be able to issue a copy certificate if we don't hold the record you're looking for or can't trace it from the information you provide. This fee is redeemable against the certificate if it is found.

    If we can't issue the certificate we would recommend that you contact The General Register Office GRO , where the records are held of births, marriages and deaths registered in England and Wales since 1 July Path to this page Home Births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships Births.

    Lambeth register office are able to provide you with birth certificates dating from to the present day. Contact the Register Office.