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When a prospective buyer wants to purchase a firearm, they must first provide the dealer with photo identification and a completed Firearms Transaction Record, or Form If the buyer answers yes to any of the questions on Form , the dealer is required to deny the sale.

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If the buyer qualifies, the dealer will then request a NICS check. The NICS has three business days to either approve or deny the sale.

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If the three days pass without a NICS determination, then the dealer can process the sale of the firearm depending on local laws or wait until the NICS responds. On average, only about one percent of firearms transfers are denied by the NICS system, mainly because most convicted criminals already know they are not eligible to own a gun. Under federal law, there are specific reasons that a firearm transfer can be denied.

If you have had a firearm transfer denied, it is because you or someone else with a similar name or descriptive features has ever been:. The NCIS can also deny a firearm transfer based on any applicable state laws. For example, if your state has a law prohibiting the possession of a specific type of firearm, the NICS can deny your transfer even though possession of that firearm is not prohibited by federal law.

The Brady Law was designed to make sure that only law-abiding citizens can purchase and own firearms, but critics claim that the law only created a huge black-market demand for illegal guns sales to criminals.

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They selected denied transactions and found that only one transaction was incorrectly denied, which resulted in a Next, the auditors looked at records that the FBI had denied the transaction within three business days. Out of records chosen randomly, were processed by the FBI appropriately.

The second problem is to get handguns registered. And the final problem is to make the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition.

The Texas Shooter Couldn't Pass A Background Check, A Loophole Allowed Him To Buy One Anyway

Thus in , Sen. Edward Kennedy D-Mass.

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    Bill McCollum R-Fla. Because the system would allow a person with a clean record to pass a computerized check and buy a gun within a few minutes, the disarmament activists opposed it. The debate between the waiting period and the instant check alternative ended up with the imposition of the Brady Act in The law imposed a waiting period of up to five business days on sales of handguns by dealers, but included an amendment, opposed by disarmament activists and many congressional Democrats, requiring that five years down the road, the waiting period requirement would cease in favor of NICS, which would screen not only purchasers of handguns, but purchasers of rifles and shotguns as well.

    NICS went into operation at the end of November Also, state prison inmate surveys by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that the vast majority of inmates in prison for gun crimes acquired guns through theft, black market purchases, or acquaintances, while less than 1 percent got them from shows. Furthermore, illegal firearm trafficking data accumulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives indicated that a large percentage of the acquaintances were straw purchasers, people who can pass a background check, who buy firearms for people who cannot pass a check.

    Nearly 50 percent. Clinton was trying to help disarmament activists move the background check system one step closer to the second goal of their three-step plan: getting handguns now all firearms registered. Frank Lautenberg D-N. Barbara Lee D-Calif.

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