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The Board of Supervisors sets the general tax rate that applies to all real property in the county.

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Learn more. If you believe that your property is incorrectly assessed, you can file an appeal with the department or with the Board of Equalization. Appeals may also be filed for properties that have been damaged, destroyed, or that have been impaired by violence.

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The Code of Virginia exempts some property from taxation by classification and designation, such as property of churches and non-profit charities. Additionally, your tax burden may be reduced if you meet certain qualifications. There are exemptions for:.

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Mobile homes are assessed and taxed through the Vehicle Tax. More information can be found on the Vehicle Tax page. Common Real Estate Actions. Understanding Real Estate Assessments.

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Homestead offers you a tax break You can not receive an exemption on property you do not live in. Only one person on the deed of the property needs to be present to file. Bring a drivers license and utility bill when ready to file. Any homeowner may apply as long as they own and live in the residence as of January first the year they file.

The S3 is offered to those residents over the age of 62 as of January first the year they file for the homestead exemption. To qualify an individual will need to provide a copy of their most recent tax income statement or return.

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The total combined household income can not exceed the yearly limits set forth by the Department of Revenue. The SC is offered to those residents over the age of 65 as of January first the year they file for the homestead exemption.

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The S4 is offered to those residents over the age of 65 as of January first the year they file for the homestead exemption. The SS exemption is offered to any surviving spouse of a U. S armed force member who was killed in any war time conflict and remained unmarried.

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This information can be found in O. To receive this tax exemption, the individual must provide a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs indicating the spouses time of service and eligibility for the exemption. The ceremony featured a number of She was appointed Acting Police Commissioner in February and was officially appointed Public Records - find records available on the City of Springfield website, and learn how to request additional records. In the State of Massachusetts, M.

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The City of Springfield provides access to meetings online in a variety of ways. Get to Know Springfield City of Firsts. Services for Residents Community Development. Inspectional Services.