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In or , Suky sold her life estate's rights in Cinthy to her neighbor, John W. However, after Maulding died, in or , Cinthy and Sarah were not returned to Suky's heirs as they should have been according to the terms of the life estate and the laws of Arkansas; they remained in Maulding's estate until and then passed into the possession of Maulding's heirs, where they both are at the time of the filing of this petition.

The petitioners contend that Maulding knew at the time of the purchase that Suky Mills only had a lifetime investment in the slave and that she had no right to transfer title of ownership, which, by the laws of Arkansas, belonged to her heirs. The petitioners assert that they have asked Maulding's heirs to return the slaves, but to no avail. The petitioners therefore sue Nancy Maulding, John W. Maulding's widow, and her children. Craig, William A. Hardy, Thomas H. To the Honourable William H. At issue is the estate of the late Susan Mills, widow of the late Ambrose Mills.

It was to expensive to maintaine. It was sold later and came into possession by a Lady Baily.

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Thank you for that reply. I am very new to this and only found out recently that my daughter and I, as well as others are cousins of Anne Boleyn. My daughter had to do a paper for a college course and found a lot on my grandfathers side and she has a lot filled in on the tree on Ancestry. It clearly shows that we are related to her.

I am looking forward to starting my own and finding what I can. I am very proud of my heritage and have researched it extensively. No I cannot speak for eveyone. Royal affairs were common, now Henry the VIIIs father was an only child due to his mother Margaert Beauforts age of 13 upon his birth she never had another,but Henry the VIIs wife Elizabeth was not an only child and her mother Elizabeth Woodville sat on the throne as well. Now most people can no longer claim that noble right and thats okay.

And they are on both sides of the pond.

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The line has been researched and the connection is there. Martha Washington is also related to Mary. Thank you Cat! And from that point, the genealogy was already pieced together for me, which was really nice. I agree with you Bobby, once you research and find the lines to those names, at that point the trees are much better researched and the lines just fall in place!

We are cousins, then, through the Boleyns. The question is how many cousins apart we are. I think that people get confused when they can trace their line back to being related to Anne thru a sibling. You may be related but you are no descendant. Anne had one child, Elizabeth who had no children of her own. So there is no way you are a descendant. There are none. About the same time frame. There were quite a few Anne Boleyns. KaSandra your family sounds like the plot to the other Boleyn girl. And if the paper is only a little more than yrs old then there is definitely a huge time issue with it.

It is what happened at the end of the other Boleyn movie tho. The first permanent settlement in the US was the colony at Jamestown which was set up in but it was in late that the Pilgrims travelled to the US on the Mayflower. Elizabeth was dead by then. That is completely untrue. The Carey children stayed in England. Her daughter is buried at Westminster Abbey. He and his brothers, including Captain John West, went to Virginia in and thereafter, and became among the first governors of Virginia.

Captian John West is my 11th grandfather, and this is what I have learned through research. I was not aware of having so many cousins! Not sure how many are in the US. Nice to see such well researched and documented account, cousin. I have been doing some research on my West family line, Matthew West, b. Matthew was from Doddridge, VA. In researching this line, I have seen various posts, genealogy that say this line is related to Lord West, first Royal Governor of Va.

Are you able to assist me in pointing me to accurate information on my line? Look forward to hearing from those of you who know for sure you are related to Mary. Mark, the issue with mtDNA is that you need an all female line. Likewise, Y-DNA is passed through the male line. Unfortunately, there are intermixed generations of male and females inbetween.


Is there an all femaile line in your family? Maybe there will be advances in DNA tests that will allow us to delve further into our DNA makeup and answer some of our questions. He does. However, he will not pass it down to any of his progeny. Every human has mt DNA in each of their cells. Every human person got this entirely from their mother. However, going backwards, you are correct— he would need an unbroken female line back to the Mary Boleyn. As a male, yes he would. It is just only passed from mom to babe so he would not pass it along.

BUT, being that half the players in the equation in the th centuries were cousins of some variety, the male line would likely contribute DNA as well. I am not sure we know where Mary is laid to rest anylonger. ALSO, there were so many people of the same name in those times. I ran into myself doing my family tree and it is easy to see a name a go off on a goose chase. I would love to take that test, but my decent is through my Mothers , Fathers line. His Grandmother Aggie West. Her Great Grandfather , Lord del a warr West. Comparing DNA of Henry the 8th.

I need to do further research on it. I think it would be interesting. The tests for genetics are usually the female mtDNA as described above by Greg where a direct female line can be traced back as Greg described above each mother gives her mtDNA to all her children, but male children do not pass it to their children. So mtDNA is traced back though the unbroken female line only. Likewise for the male lines the genetic line that follows down is through the Y chromosome which is passed from father to son in an unbroken line.

That is interesting I never knew that and i thought that i knew all the royals and and most of their ancestors. I am just love history and i have a long ancestor line myself, I am 7th in line to the throne of my tribe in Yemen I am a descendant of The Sheikh of the Al Shami Clan in Yemen he is my grandfather and i am currently 5th in line after my sisters and brothers.

The Tudor bloodline did survive too including into the current royals. Henry VIII had two sisters —. Margaret who married 3x including to the King of Scotland and had 7 children. Her line links through to the current Queen. Mary married 2x including to the King of France. Through her mother side. So, no need to wait for prince William to become king….

Charles and Diana were distantly related…. So, what are you saying? That DNA is already on the throne. Like it really matters. All Europeans are related. To get even broader, all humans are related. I have the direct line without question leading to me through my old New England family. I would not be here without the existence of Mary Boelyn. Also, it is said that Henry likely was in the Kell antigen blood group.. I should know I can empathize with what must have been his plight.. My line is loaded with revolutionaries, military leaders, financiers, physicians.. Elizabeth, we are cousins!

My familial lines also, through the Boleyns, include the Careys and Howards, along with several other prominent families. I would love to hear from you. My email is catwhitten yahoo. Hi Cat and Elizabeth. I think it would be very interesting to compare notes and to see where we connect as far as cousins. I had a cousin of ours contact me across the pond a few months back as she was in shock when she found out I was in America.

Anyway she was inquiring about Great, Grandfather Lord Del a warr as to where he was buried. Since then , as Jamestown is only a abt an hour in a half away , my husband and myself made a day trip out of it. Now I have to get back to her and let her know the info. You never know who you will end up chatting with. I live in Indiana. I know about Leeds Castle. I love my family. There is a sitecalled culpepper daughters and gives you the full lineage of the bolyns etc.

I match a Church descendant of Robert L. Tudor and his wife Catherine Smedley. Spot on Reenak!! That ended up settling thete after the revelutionary war. My direct line of decent stayed Loyal to England as they had very strong ties. You could tuck tale and go back to England or go to the Great White North Canada or you were given a land grant by King George to move further west into new territory.

That is what they did. I was scratching my head thinking, why Kentucky of all places, seriously! Kentucky was considered part of Virgina. Staying Loyal to the Crown came with a hefty price. Thanks to all for replies. However, the X Chromosome is form Mum and half of my Autosomal chromosomes. Even so, any DNA I may share from the Boleyn family would be diluted by 32, — ,, do the math.

Please excuse my error. I did get back to Sir Geoffrey Boleyn, but there are no complete Boleyn family trees online and everything about Upton Park and Boleyn Ground is a mystery before One citation said Uptons, people not places , were listed at the location in the Domesday Book s. In , an accident opened the tomb, and upon repair, experts said they could see Henry, red hair on his chin and all, articles from examiners and experts called to the scene are online. Stevenson and the Dean of Windsor were called for formal and dignified examination. Three small items remained with Dr.

Halford, again, an accident, and were returned to the coffin of Charles I by the Prince of Wales under instructions by Queen Victoria in If those claiming relation to the Boleyns have tests done, it would be nice to know if results are Avail. The Gr.

Not everyone with a name is related by blood. The critical thing is sequences and gene spacing. Where is everyone? Dear Elizabeth and Cat, on p. Fulke Greville Upton is the guy who changed his name to Howard. Lots and lots of Howards to the point of confusion. They repeated names a lot. Just did the whole family tree and was pretty suprized to see this…. Mary Boleyn is also my! My grandfather was a Howard.

How would I be able to confirm a link to my possible infamous ancestors? I have all the info. It would be great to exchange data to verify the accuracy of my records and document the tree further. Thank you, RH. My great Grandmother was a Howard. Her father died when she was a baby and had other children who seemed to not know about her.

My great-grandfather is a Cary and I have seen my lineage all the way back to the s but not all the way to the s. My cousin is currently taking genealogy classes and is hoping to dig deeper via Anglican church of England. Excited to hear more! There is probably a lot more Tudor and Boleyn blood out there than we perhaps imagined, If we take in to account the many illegitimate children that were sired by the elite class.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing who these descendants are. I suspect there is a fair amount of Henry the eights diluted blood still running through veins! There are people with the last name Boelyn on Curacao. Maybe they are related to the Boelyns. During the 19th century, Curacao was a British colony. Makes me proud though! I am not related to ANY royalty that I know of. This is so awesome. Additionally; I guess that make Queen Elizabeth I my 13th great cousin! Love it. My supposed ancestor was Macbeth Macfinley Kings of Scots not king of Scotland as in Scots law the king is only of the people not the land.

I have several Owen in my bloodline that hailed from England. My father always said that any Owen, no s, was related to us. I wonder if there is a connection here. I have all the same ancesters as You and your hubby…. Edmond Towne is my 10 grand father…check out my family tree on ancestry. Come check it out,and I hope You get to write your book and its successful. We have an "Anne Boleyn" dangling off our tree, but, she is a first, or second, cousin of the tragic Anne. My mother was a Towns and traced back to the falsely accused salem witches and further to the Boleyn family. Love to hear more about genealogy.

Very interesting but you dont say if it is from her marriage to William Carey or not. I am interested in her children from her marriage to William Stafford. Can you help? I just recently traced another section of my family back through Staffords and found Mary Boleyn with William Stafford. That would mean that I am related to the Boleyn family twice through the generations.

That could make us cousins. Can you get in touch yonita. This is interesting, at least to speculate about. Then again, maybe not. Another relative who could have put Catholic England back into power was put to death when Elizabeth I signed her death warrant although did not give permission until she was consulted.

She was never consulted, but that warrant was carried out. Fourteen of her children and 13 generations later, here I am. And also, perhaps, here are you. I descend from every royal bloodline,because of my cheevers,and powell bloodlines. Your more them welcome to check it out.

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I have documents,bios,pics.. Shauna walker. Edmond Towne is my 10th grand father, my aunts were accused of being witches in the salem trials,and were hung,all but 1. Sarah,they made a movie and play based on them…7 soverigns for sister sarah. Your welcome to look,I have records,pics etc. Yes I was born and raised in boston,ma.

I would not be so proud to be related to the whore who ruined Christiandom in England and helped bring about the fraction of the Church. Your relative was as disgusting and arrogant as Camilla. Please understand how much damage your revered ancestor truly did. But I do understand. Neither of the Boleyns were such a thing. Mary was an adulteress purely because she was pushed into it, Anne married Henry because she was persuaded it was advantageous for the family. Mary at least had the good sense not to marry Henry, or she would have had her head chopped off too! I understand people have their opinions,but they should gets facts to go along with those opinions.

Oh and to answer your question about the dna…if You go on ancestry. Your more then welcome to check out my family tree hun.. Hope to hear from You soon. Hi Shaina, ancestry said that the dna analysis is only available in the US. I am in New Zealand. So Anne and Mary made it to the other side of the world. I am on ancestry, will add you tomorrow. I am hayleyjaneyoung on there. I have gone back to on one side with the venables family.

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I also have Darwin, and the Wedgwoods in my tree. But then so do you most probably. They are all connected to Mary. Charlotte Corday, your post just made me laugh out loud! At that time women were pawns in the games of the men. You know nothing of what the poor woman went through to keep her family happy. I am sure anyone who has commented on this post has equal sympathy for Catherine of Aragon, Mary and Elizabeth who also went through hell before becoming queen.

All of the women connected in anyway to Henry Viii were victims. Write a book if you feel that strongly and allow these nice people their pride in their heritage. Not to mention, no one is responsible for the crimes of their ancestors. Unless she is posting from North Korea? In any case, she mist have slept through every history class to think 16th crntury women had agency!

It has nothing to do with the conversation and is just some self-righteous bigot venting her fanaticism, Whoever runs this forum, can you PLEASE remove it? Really, really dead. What are you hoping to accomplish? And if you think Catholics were any better in that era, check out what Mary did to Protestants, or what was going on in Spain. It was a brutal era with no clean hands for people of any faith — except perhaps young girls who were mere pawns in the games of powerful men.

I have an ancestry account,but whateva You wanna do. Hayley…just email me… ceecee hotmail. Its a pain. Talk to u soon. My family still carries the West last name. I am so interested in history. Who I am, my family,, our history as a whole. I stumbled across this thread. I too am a direct descendant of John West and Unity Croshaw. Any additional sources you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Lisa Try milesfiles Regards Allan. Thank you so much for your response. The information you provided was very helpful and I was able to almost immediately establish a direct connection. Hi Lisa, Glad I was able to help my own relatives are also trying to establish a connection with mary boleyn via george and temperence yeardley hope you make a breakthrough I think most of the clues regarding the wests and anne knollys derive from jamestown good luck bye.

Thank you, Allan, for these additional resources! I will definitely look into this further. You are very thoughtful. I really appreciate it and hope your research is going well. Anne only had a daughter, Elizabeth, and she died childless. Are you descended from the Careys? I am related to them through Joyce Culpeper.

I used 23andme. Scientists have said u have more chance of finding who your ancestors are by rummaging through your lofts, than to be ripped off for a meaningless DNA test that holds no scientific evidence. Not my words, they are words of ppl in the know. I guess u people are all American? Its a nice thought to be related to some historical royality, but chances are its not the case. In any case why are u guys so eager to be related to English people? I thought you all thought we had bad, yellow teeth or so the media always says lol.

Actually, although DNA tests can be unreliable for some things, mtDNA passes down virtually unchanged through the maternal line. Therefore, it is possible to establish relation to someone through mtDNA. However, if establishing descent as far back as Anne Boleyn with mtDNA it would be very difficult to say how you were related to her, only that you are you are related to her. And apparently nearly half of the people in Britain are descended from British royalty. Basically, if you lived long enough ago and had enough kids, the reach of your descendants spread pretty far.

Is there any evidence to support this view. Part of the Buchanan branch of Ireland. They have always heard that they were related to Anne Boleyn do you have any records that would show that. Thank You. Concerning mtDNA, I should add that if you were related to Anne Boleyn through a continuation of the maternal line, i. Mary Boleyn, through to her daughter, then her daughter, etc. Through this method you would not be able to identify exactly how you were related to someone.

My grandmother is a long distant cousin to Queen Elizabeth , Which i think is awesome we have paperwork on it. My father is descended from Carries from Arbroath, Scotland and I am wondering if he may have any connection to the Boelyn Careys? I am a direct descendent from my great-grandmother from the du Moulins my du Moulin ancestor came to Australia as a medical doctor with his family way back in the s. One direct distant ancestor was a Philipe Du Molin Seigneur of Brie and cup-bearer to Francois 1 and apparently married to a Marie de Boulan, a supposed relation of the Boleyns maybe cousin of Anne Boleyn.

There appears to be some small debate among historians as to whether Anne or Mary spent some time with his family during her teens. Is there a family relationship? What is greatly amusing to me is that my grandmother told me a bit about the du Moulins when I was young and about some connection to the court of Elizabeth 1 — and I was completely bewildered at the time and thought she was slightly nuts! I am also a direct descendant of Mary and Anne.

Mary Boleyn is my great to the 13th Grandmother. No Elizabeth I did not secretly have any children…. I think many people believe it simply means related to, a blood relative of, whereas it actually means that you are descended from the person, via her children. I think another area of confusion is that there are a few Anne Boleyns in the Boleyn family tree. Mary Boleyn was my 13th great grandmother Mary Carey was my 12th great grandmother Anne Knollys West was my 11th great grandmother. Anne is my 6th cousin 13x removed.

The connection is through the Welles line. I have found many interesting people on my line. But my first find was Anne Boleyn. My maternal grandfather is Marvin William Hayden. I also named my oldest son Hayden after our family name. Is that what you mean? My great uncle is who I am referencing above. According to the research my grandmother did and passed down through the generations this is the information she and my great uncle found.

Mary Boleyn, however, had two children, Henry and Catherine Carey, who both had large families and their children had large families etc. Oh my goodness this really is one big family! You are all so lucky and blessed to know your lineage, particularly knowing you come from these amazing Tudors! So you all basically have royal blood to some degree! Very interesting indeed. Keep up the excellent research. Anne is 15 x great aunt, with Mary being my 15 x great grandmother.

I am decended through Catherine Carey, then Lettice Knollys etc. I have also traced him as a cousin elsewhere. Many family members have tried to regain some sort of retribution for it but with out any success. I saw the paper work but it was years ago. The family ended up moving to Washington state and own large amounts of land in the Spokane River Valley.

They received very special treatment by Queen Elizabeth, which was unusual. My cousin and great-aunt did DNA testing that linked us to many others who have this exact same lineage. I have included my Tribalpages website if anyone would like to explore a connection. I am also on Ancestry. My contact info is associated with it. I am in Alabama..

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She was married to Geoffrey Boleyn. Ann Boleyn Hoo is my 17th Great Grandmother. Can anyone attest any truth to this? I am also a Tudor, and proud of it…I live in Madison , Wisconsin. I have traced my family back to Virginia when they came over from England in the late 15th century. I am visiting London this July, Hi i dont want to be a party pooper but there isnt any tudors that are around today who could be related to king henry he left no legitimate descendants only bastards and they had other surnames unless you mean his sisters descendants it is possible. You and Kara might have a connection to Tuders in Maryland.

Have you used the Roal Ancestry Bible? It has helped me straighten my tree up a lot. I live in. NE Indiana. I have been doing some genealogy and so far I am sure I come from lines of commoners. Maybe that is why I live in the states. But it is more fun to think my ancestors were wealthy and connected to royalty instead of thinking they may have been turning the turkey spit for the king while standing a step out of a hot fireplace.

I am also saddened for the heavy burdened load of taxes paid by my ancestors for the unnecessary, excessive merriment of court for their own pleasure and for the excessive number of palaces built out of the finest materials. I think I share 3 genes with her. Thank you I will definitely look further into it. Now my quote could be slightly inaccurate but if you could help shed some light on it I would greatly appreciate it. I should also mention that at that point that is when my ancestors started to follow the Church of England and the man I speak of above was beheaded because he would not switch from being a catholic in order for Henry the 8th to marry Anne Boleyn but I believe his son did switch to the Church of England.

Queen Henrietta Maria, on the other hand, was never happy with Laud because of his anti-Catholic views. Parliament arrested Laud and had him held in the Tower of London. He was tried without result and then attainted for treason by Parliament and executed on January 10, Laud is now remembered as a Reformation Martyr by the Church of England and his name is included on a plaque in the University Church of St.

Sadly my Aunt had a house fire years ago and all was lost. When I have time I will try my best to trace the family tree again. Anne Boleyn had a sister, Elizabeth Alice Boleyn. At any rate, Sir Adrian was my ancestor. Before I am crucified, I just discovered that Mary was the only sister of Anne Boleyn, and that my relatives were, no doubt, cousins.

I am also related to Elizabeth the 1st Henry the 1st, 5th and 8th. His daughter with Queen Anne became Queen Elizabeth 1. If your family tree only goes back yrs your timing is way off also. Actually it is not yet confirmed. Like some others who have left messages here I have been in a state of shock after discovering this likely possibility in mid-October , and am only now beginning to calm down a bit, helped along by the knowledge that there seem to be many of us descendants across the world!

If I am not permitted to include my e-mail address, then I will aim to visit this page once or twice a year to check for any responses left here. On investigation of our family tree, we appear to be related to Mary Boleyn daughter Catherine Carey and her daughter lettice knolly. My last name is Bullen and I am told I am related to the Boleyn family, I have not looked into it very much. My maiden name was also Bullen and I was told the same thing. The story I was told, after Anne Bolyen was beheaded, the brothers? Beginning to wonder how true all that was.

Anne Boleyn had only one brother, who was executed with her. I am unsure of my mothers side since her birth and such has been hidden and obscured since she was adopted, but my father was of the family of Mcculloch, and boone, I was told we are direct descendents of the son of mary bolyn not sure, but I have the red hair to go with my scottish descent on my fathers side, I am looking for for answers, if anyone can help me.

Anne 2nd wife of Henry the V beheaded because she could not produce a male son to the thrown only had 1 child Elizabeth queen Elizabeth the 1st who also did not produce any children hence where its believed the tudor family end. Also it was at this time the Aniglican reglion begain.

As catholics where not aloud to divoice seperate remarry etc Henry and helpers lol created the church of England Angilcan as I say Im an inch from being good lol Anne was from royal blood before her brief marriage to henry as she was a consort… I am of Tudor blood i am a descent off anne which this name has continued through my family for generations my own daughter has it as her middle name. Way cool!

Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up and the rest of the website is also very good. Edward iii had many children; therefore, he has descendants all over the globe. I seldom comment, but after reading a few of the remarks on Are there any surviving relatives of Anne Boleyn today or has her bloodline ended? Rich Jones. I have actually traced back my blood lines to Anne Boleyn, from my grandfathers side. So I do find this very interesting!

Mary Bolyen would be my 12th Great-Grandma on my maternal Grandfathers side. So 14 generations removed here is how my line looks. Cleotia, is your family still in VA or SC? Am I the only person in the world that is not a descendant of Mary Boleyn!!?! But ancestors of my husband were called Bullen. Close enough for me, haha!

Hello Joska, I am descended from the Bullen family of Norfolk. I doubt if the Bullens were originally Boleyns — but a lot of people have spent a lot of time trying to make that work!! I am curious, though, to know if the Boleyn sisters Anne and Mary were the only children in their family??

Most families were huge in those days — so did they have any brothers??? Love to hear from you about the Bullens — if you think we connect. I am descended from James Bollen. New Amsterdam Long Island. Family legend us that he always claimed Anne Bolyen was his cousin. Althi we havent made the connection if hid claims were true than he would have bern descended ftom an uncle of Ann and Mary.

He was from Norfolk, home of the Boleyns, so I believe he probably was a cousin of some sort. Could someone tell me where you find info that far back to your descendants? I have tried ancestry. Such trees eventually lead back into well-known famous and infamous! This is because all noble and titled families tend to link back together eventually, owing to cousins of various degrees marrying each other generation-by-generation, whether in arranged marriages or even genuine love matches.

Ann is my 1st cousin 15x removed. My ancestors gentleman planters that founded Jamestown, Virginia, and St. My cousin and I have been working on our family tree, starting with Penelope Stout, whose husband had either a mother or grandmother with the maiden name of Boylen, who were very early settlers in the New York, New Jersey areas of America. They were very early Baptists and I know that Thomas Boylen and his daughters and sons were very interested in a reformed-type of religion. I also know that less than 10 years after the death of Anne and her brother, all the Boylens left England, it is though for Ireland, which seems odd to me as Ireland was Roman Catholic.

Are there any Stouts on this site? I cannot claim any links with the Boleyns, sadly. They had na affair whilst he was overseeing the building of the Forth Bridge It was, not unsurprisingly hushed up, and the boy was spirited away to be raised in Brigadoon. So despite my royal blood, I have no claim on any throne. I am veru proud of that heritage. Oh yeh mind you most of the stories are daft like the one about the brothers fleeing the country and taking the baby with them,. Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots had an affair? The Children from those two marriages became Half Brothers and Sisters.

Sadly,their are no direct descendants of Anne Boleyn because her Daughter Queen Elizabeth was never married nor did she have Children. Are their living relatives of Anne Boleyn today? There are a lot of living relatives today but most I believe have gone on to live ordinary lives and Marry non Royalty. Queen Anne lived in dangerous times, forced to be royal broodmares and treated less than or even killed when they did not produce Male Heirs.

I in fact have all Daughters and love them and am proud of them as any Mother should be.

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I have read very few postings claiming a relation to E. Would love to learn more. Hi, would love to have more information from Hogwash McTurnip… ;- His revision of Scottish history will I think overturn much in that nation, though hopefully not the ancient Forth Bridge Professor McTurnip, would that be the rail or road bridge, sorry to point out a minor omissis in the otherwise sound fabric of your worthy research.

I am delighted to announce that that B in my surname is not for Boleyn and I am descended from peasants, servants and general sloggers well someone had to till the earth while your ancestors were feasting on hogs and mead! Having researched my family back I have a slight suspicion that I am in some way related to an outstanding Scottish writer but this is based merely on the fact that his and my family had the same surname, were shepherds and tended their flocks in the same remote valley at the same time and so will not name him.

I would also like to point out that something like one third of the English descend from the prolific Edward III and just about everyone surnamed Stewart or Stuart is related to the royal house of Scotland. Joseph Fox, Tobacco IInspector , that sort of thing. He found out that we are the 11th gen grandchildren of Mary Boleyn. So, yes it seems the blood line is still going, I am 36 years of age and we have quite the family. Her name was Katherine Boleyn maiden name.

Her married name was de Luca. Any information will help. Seems to be a lot of great grandmothers telling their family they are related to Anne Boleyn and without providing evidence. Hi there, was reading this website and its fantastic! I am a descendant of the Boleyn family to, by marriage though. I have seen my family tree on my mothers side and it goes back all the way to the 15th century.

Etches is the family name. Its just interesting to learn about these things. Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth Id have to say personally anyway are two of my favourite people from histories among the many. Would someone adopt an adult woman descended from a french cannoner? Have you studied the history of Ireland? And what do you mean about Scotland?

Scotland was a separate country. We do need a big family reunion, I read up through the comments and someone asked if there were any family in the USA.. To the best of my knowledge, I am not related to either the Boleyn or Carey families. I did find it very interesting to read all the family connections by other posters, though! Very cool.

Hello everyone, I am a descendant of Anne Boleyn also. I have a female line…I descend from Anne Boleyn, the aunt of queen Anne. She married sir John Shelton, and became Lady Shelton. They are my 16th great grandparents. Queen Anne Boleyn is my first cousin 15 times removed. I hope to hear from some of my distant cousins out there!! Hi, I have a client who wants to speak to a direct descendant of Mary Boleyn more specifically her children Catherine and Henry Carey about a project they are currently starting and would love to get them involved.

Please contact me on john. It would be great if you could be able to help. Has been for years. So, yes, there is still definitely Boleyn blood in the world. One would have to wonder.


My lineage goes back into the most of those families listed on the left, in fact all of them. I am direct lineage, and live in America. Does that mean anything? Claire have you researched your family you might be related to Anne Boleyn as well or another famous historical figure? That red hair, the fine boned features, the long thin fingers are Tudor features not Boleyn. I have a family history booklet of the name Bullen with a family crest on the cover.

I was told she was of English, Welsh, and Scottish decent. With so many descendants, I wonder if a comparison of those descending from different children of Mary would be instructive? Or do we perhaps have something with his DNA on it? But I am fascinated by what your genes may tell us. I started my family tree and found out that my grandmother side was all related to royal I was amazed king Edward king henry king Edmond all the way back to the the Viking days. Catherines connection to the Boleyn family was later disproved however she is related to William through another ancestor. I recently found a Marsh family tree!

I am not sure that I would want to be descended from Henry Tudor as he has a very bad reputation, I do understand that people have seen the Other Boleyn girl and think its terribly romantic to be descended from Henry he was very cruel to t Margaret Pole and her family or anyone who upset him. Anne Boleyn only had one daughter and she had no children herself so the Tudor line ended What I think is interesting is that after Mary Boleyns death William Stafford married Dorothy Stafford who is the grand daughter of Margaret Pole that is cool.

One of there sons became a spy in the time of Elizabeth1. If you would like more info I am a descendant of Margaret Pole. Write to me yonita. Love to know more about your Calthorpe connection. Do write to me yonita. I am a direct descendent of the House of Boleyn. My bunch of greats grandmother is Margaret Boleyn. My Family had actually been traced back as far as Queen Anne Boleyn. I have no idea how we are related. I also know that the town of St. Lo in France is somehow connected to my Family. The Family name was Saint Laud. I was told that it was named after a descendant.

Who knows! Sadly my Aunt had a house fire years ago and years of work tracing the family all was lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We must be related. My grandparents go up and up… King Edward 1,2,3, Henry lll, and so on…. Has anyone had DNA testing done to show what countries and regions they are from? I think this would add clout to the l ikely-hood of the family trees being accurate.

My maiden name is West. Due to a brick wall, did DNA testing on a couisin. The halogroup matches the Governor of VA line. Would love to talk to someone about this line please. The common male surnames seem to be John, Jacob, Charles, and William. Thank you in adavance, any help would be appreciated. Clmarsh gmail. Catherine, we must be cousins! There is so much more research needed. On ethe U. This is not the same as your relative. I think that is the case of many of here. You can only do it through the Howards who were younger sons of one of the Kings, as far as I remember.

Because the girls mother Elizabeth was sister to 3 Duke of Norfolk. That might help since you say you have them as GGF. Why be jealous though? I descend from royals from all over Europe on multiple sides of my family. Somewhat distant cousins married each other, it made for a VERY confusing family tree! My god there is some absolute waffle mixed in with possibly substantiated paper trails, on this site!!!! Katherine, like her sister-in-law Queen Jane, died within days of the birth.

Ever wonder why so many women chose to enter the convent in those days? She almost certainly died as a toddler. Firstly, do not accept any family tree or family data collection information found on ancestry. It is rife with misinformation which spreads like wildfire when the next person comes along and copies it without question.

My apologies to those of you across the pond for presuming to know your history. Feel free to correct any errors. It provides info which can be used in a search to prove or disprove its accuracy. There are also many primary source documents which can be used with confidence. Census records are an excellent place to start. Wills, and land, church and military records baptism, marriage and burial and such are acceptable documentation. Pension applications can be fascinating. It can be virtually impossible to learn some maiden names.

Those done by lineage societies and by old nobility are good bets.