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Therefore, we document the names of all German war dead here.

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They do not contain details on the military career or troop unit. The excerpts from the cemetery registers are primarily designed for the relatives of the war dead as a form of commemoration. The excerpts are not suitable for research purposes.

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If your inquiries are related to historical research or the location of heirs, please direct them to the following address: gn volksbund. Example excerpt from the name book of the war cemetery Rzhev in the Russian Federation. Please wait a moment, whilst your search request is processed. You can abort the current search request by pressing the Esc key.

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Last update - Total Entries 4. Surname Please enter without any titles. One of the more interesting Genetic Testing results kits comes from National Geographic.

My parents uses this kit, an were delighted with the amount of anthropological info they got. Military Indexes This website is a directory of links to online military indexes and records for USA genealogy research. Included are rosters, databases of soldiers, draft card databases for World War I and II, and listings of military and war casualties. Genealogy and the Law Often you will come across legal terms or abbreviations…. Stammbaum 5. Genealogy: The Complete Resource Guide.

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How to Preserve Your Family Treasures. My grandparemts came to USA in and Any free information would be appicated, I do know what they here in America. Need a beginners guide to German ancestry. All the festivals and names of stuff leaves me dazed and confused to say the least. Any websites or guides out there anyone knows of?

Seems like I need to learn German to navigate my way through a lot of sites. Barbara Voeller married Michael Deibert. Your email address will not be published. Celebrating German Culture in America.

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Comment 8 My grandparemts came to USA in and Thank you, Barbara H.