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On October 14th the 18th election of the Bavarian state parliament after the Second World War will take place in The state of health centers in many developing countries is appalling.

‘The Entire State Is a Mass Grave’

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Travelling entails an experience that cannot be undertaken on a daily basis. Some travel for fun, some for business In your search results you will see that the database is complete for only some nations. Other countries will provide their data on a year to year basis since they are in the process of completing their national databases.

Please read the context notes provided with the search results explaining the limits of some of the data. To begin your search, enter a Last Name, select a Country and select a year of death in the form below and click 'Go'. If you have more information, such as First Name enter it to help narrow the search result. Please note that the Country field relates to the nation that each individual fought for in WWI. This may or may not be the same as their country of birth. For more information go to www. The deaths recorded from to represent Canadians who died of their wounds in the years after the war.

Missing You | Missing persons – Search lost friends, relatives, forces, family, army, raf, navy

For more information about each of the 68,, including their place of burial, you can explore the following sites: www. The names in the display are a compilation of French military deaths from these two sources. This names display will include only the names of French soldiers killed in the years to as well as soldiers from the French colonial armies. For more information on the French data please click here to be taken to the French Data Considerations page.

There are perhaps , other names missing from these data files.

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The official number of German military deaths in the war is estimated at 1. Register of French prisoners of war, Various Nationalities. Also includes registers of sick French and American prisoners, or prisoners employed to tend them.

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  3. Missing persons – Search lost friends, relatives, forces, family, army, raf, navy.
  4. British and Danish prisoners of war, Register of prisoners of war and prisoner exchanges, various nationalities, British prisoners at Lorient issued with 'slops', ? French prisoners taken on a Hamburg ship and Prussian Galliot, British prisoners at Dinan issued with'slops' English prisoners returned on the packet 'L'Heureux', French prisoners taken by the ship 'Quebec', British prisoners at Amiens, British prisoners on parole at Saumur, Register of French prisoners of war and prisoners released on parole, French and American prisoners of war.

    Prisoners released on parole, Register of prisoners of war and prisoners released on parole, various nationalities, Spanish prisoners of war. Covers Antigua and Grenada Register of deaths of prisoners of war largely from French colonies , Spanish prisoners of.

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    6. List of prisoners embarked between 4 and 21 March List of prisoners embarked as Cape Town on the 7th March for India. List of prisoners embarked at Durban for Cape Town between 13 and 17 March Transfer of British subjects from Baghdad. Delivery of parcels and letters to prisoners. Orderable at item level. Orderable at item level - Borneo list. In addition to the vast number of records and images from The National Archives, the Prisoners of war also comprises transcripts provided by the Naval and Military Press as well as Brian Sims, an independent licensor. Below we have listed the record sets provided by sources outside of The National Archives.

      The aim of the original volume was to give advice and information to relatives of wounded officers of the British Expeditionary Force. This index points to the individual reports of allied service personnel evading capture or escaping from prisoner of war camps in Central Europe during the Second World War.

      Many of these reports were drawn up by M19 or British Military Intelligence Section 9, who specialised, among other things, in helping British and other allied servicemen trapped behind enemy lines. Apart from facilitating escapes from prisoner of war camps they also helped personnel, usually airmen, travel safely back to friendly or neutral states. The transcripts, created by Brian Sims, usually have a reference number for The National Archives series which holds the full individual reports. The pieces, within series WO, covered by these records are as follows:.

      Pieces to — MI9 escape and evasion reports numbered 1 to 3,, dating from to Pieces to — sundry additional reports on prisoner of war escapes via Switzerland Pieces to — interrogation reports on repatriated allied prisoner of war escapers and evaders , including some appendices to reports in pieces to This collection includes a wide range of records from nominal rolls, death certificates, letters from the families of prisoners, official reports of camps and much more. For this reason, searching all the records at once can be difficult.

      We have provided some search tips to help you discover your ancestors:. Start with surname only — not all records will include a first name or may only have a first initial. After searching for a name and conflict, you can narrow your search further by selecting a country of imprisonment or select multiple countries if you are unsure. Use the browse option to the right of the field and select the countries you wish to search. Many of the records include rank, but not regiment.

      Missing persons – Search lost friends, relatives, forces, family, army, raf, navy

      Furthermore, many of the ranks or regiments are abbreviated. For example, Cpt would be Captain. Search for both forms of the word. Use the wild card search when searching for a regiment or rank.

      Trace a WW1 British Soldier

      Add an asterisk on either side of the word you are searching. Use the keyword search to search the records by Nationality American, French, Russian, etc , Birth place Baltimore, Sussex, Cherbourg etc or the names of vessels. A-Z of record sets. Learn more Search tips Useful links. Who First name s Name variants.