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All the Local BMD web sites are run by volunteers from the various local family history societies. Show your support for these groups by joining the local family history society for your area. Can you help?

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There are two sets of Birth, Marriage and Death indexes in the UK; the original indexes held by the local register offices and a secondary index created by the G eneral R egister O ffice. The menu buttons on the left provide sets of links to websites that contain both primary and secondary indexes. As always, you are recommended to look through the primary sources first, before looking through secondary records.

Since all births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales have had to be registered at the register office in the district where the event took place.

Births, ceremonies and deaths

Genealogists and Family Historians can make use of these registrations to help create their family tree, working backwards from the present day to the start of civil registration. The original indexes to these registers are held by the local register offices and many of these indexes are now being transcribed by the local authorities in conjunction with Family History Societies, and the data placed on-line in a variety of websites. Also included are the district, volume, and page number, which will enable you to find their certificates more easily.

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Each record comprises a black and white image of the original register. The amount of information listed varies, but the records usually include a combination of the following information about your ancestor:. They include a mixture of typewritten and handwritten registers of births, deaths, and marriages.

Birth, death and marriage records - Bridgend CBC

Using the Browse is a very methodical approach and can be useful if you are searching for as yet unknown individuals between a fairly narrow range of dates. This is especially important in probate genealogy, when omitting an individual would mean potentially failing to research an entire branch of a family, and thus failing to ensure all heirs get a share of an estate they are legally entitled to.

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Finally, if you are certain of the date of an event, but less certain of the name, browsing can be a quicker way to find likely candidate. Once you've discovered when and where your ancestor was born, married or died by using findmypast's birth, marriage and death records, you can order a certified copy of their birth, marriage or death certificate from the General Register Office GRO.

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  8. This service is available both to UK and non-UK residents and covers births, marriages and deaths registered in England and Wales, as well as certain registrations overseas. The registers include baptisms, marriages, burials and congregational records from to Wills, memorials marriage bonds, baptisms and burials all make excellent resources to consult when discovering your Irish roots.

    Early births, marriages, and deaths in the United States were sometimes recorded in register books until the early s, when producing certificates became more common.

    Birth, death and marriage records for Family Historians: Part 1

    Every state eventually developed its own laws and established a statewide registration system. They include birth certificates, death records, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, naturalization records, adoption records, and land records from every state, territory, and county. These certificates are accurate sources recorded close to the actual event.

    Ordering copies of certificates

    As well as parish, county, and state registers, more than million U. After New South Wales was established as a penal colony in , convicts were sent to Australia from the British Isles. Assisted immigrants immigrants who had most of their passage paid by the government , coming chiefly from the British Isles and Germany, first started arriving in New South Wales in , while unassisted immigrants originally came to Australia as early as Until , each state of Australia was a separate government or colony. Vital records in a particular state usually begin at the time of the colony's formation, with earlier records apart from Western Australia found in New South Wales the original jurisdictional body for Australia.

    Included in these records are births, marriages, and death records from various states and territories, cemeteries, and Anglican parishes.