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I'm using Elastic Load Balancing for my web servers.

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I want to know the IP address that the load balancer uses to forward traffic to my web servers. How do I find the load balancer's IP address? You can determine the IP addresses associated with an internal load balancer or an internet-facing load balancer by resolving the DNS name of the load balancer.

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  • These are the IP addresses where the clients should send the requests that are destined for the load balancer. However, Classic Load Balancers and Application Load Balancers use the private IP addresses associated with their elastic network interfaces as the source IP address for requests forwarded to your web servers. For Network Load Balancers, the source IP address of these requests depends on the configuration of its target group.

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    These IP addresses can be used for various purposes, such as allowing the load balancer traffic on the web servers and for request processing. However, because Network Load Balancers don't support security groups, based on the target group configurations, the IP addresses of the clients or the private IP addresses associated with the Network Load Balancers must be allowed on the web server's security group.

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    • Refrain from using this information to statically configure your applications to point to these IP addresses. Find private IP addresses associated with load balancer elastic network interfaces using the console. Paste the load balancer name that you copied in step 4 in the search box. On the private network, each computer will have it's own "internal" IP Address, but externally, all the computers on that private network will appear to have the same IP Address.

      So that's why if you load this webpage on two different computers on the same private network, it will show the same IP Address at the top: because they are coming from the same network, even though on the private network those two computers have different IP Addresses.

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      Essentially: yes. Your ISP knows exactly where you are because they have your billing details linked to your IP Address , however to most other people, websites and organisations, IP Addresses can usually only reflect an approximate location perhaps at a suburb level. You always need an IP Address to do anything on the internet If you don't want web servers to be able to see which IP Address you are coming from, you can use a " VPN " service, which puts another network link in front of your computer; so that it seems like your traffic is coming out of a different location.

      Using a VPN will not fix all your privacy or anonymity problems, but it is a good start.

      How to find out IP Adresses of other devices connected on the same network

      To understand this you need to understand how you are assigned an IP Address in the first place, and there are a few scenarios regarding how this happens, however essentially what happens is that in some way your Internet Service Provider will provide you with your public IP.

      Getting a new IP address involves getting your ISP to provide you with a new one and there are a few ways this can happen: and this basically depends on your arrangement with them.

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      The situations below are general outlines only: ultimately it comes down to your arrangement with your ISP and if you have any doubts you should contact them for more information regarding your actual situation. Please note that this is different to "hiding" your IP address as with a VPN or similar - this describes simply changing your IP address.

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      Depending on the type of internet connection your internet has, this may be a "fixed" IP Address. If your IT Team has organised a high bandwidth connection to support tens or hundreds of employees at the same office location then it's very likely that this IP address would be static and never change; and thus there's nothing that can be done to change your IP address. Your internet traffic will appear to come from the same place as all the other employees.

      In our experience most home internet connections will have a dynamic IP address. ISPs have pools of IP addresses and will randomly pick one out and assign it to every new internet connection.

      How to Find Your IP Address on Windows or Mac

      Often rebooting your router is enough to cause it to be assigned a different IP address. In some cases, while your internet connection technically has a dynamic IP address, even when you reboot your router your ISP will still give you the same IP for a few days, weeks or months.

      Some home internet or small office internet connections will provide you with a fixed IP address as a part of your plan with them. You should contact them for more information. If you work in a smaller office you may be on an internet connection that is similar to a Home Internet connection; a dynamic IP address behind a router and the same scenario applies. Using a VPN is a trade-off - there are some advantages and some disadvantages - and you need to understand the various reasons why you might want to use one.