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To most active parties in raising the money for the church were. Holdren, But they were liberally aided by all the residents in that vicinity. Andrew F. Shanafelt was the first preacher He made his residence in this vicinity. He removed from here to Old Chester where he died. He left NJ shortly there after and settled in PA. Benjamin Holdren wife's given name Margaret. Hunterdon Co. Adren "Aid" Edward Holdren. Adren was listed as a laborer and a resident of Kingwood Township at the time of the accusation dated November 14, On 14 Nov.

State of New Jersey. Hunterdon County ss:. The condition of the above recognizance is such that if the above bonded Adren Holdren shall personally be and appear before the next quarter sessions of the Peace to be holden in and for this County, to answer to such matters as shall be there and then objected against him and shall [blurred], then this recognizance shall be void and of none effect, otherwise to be and to remain in full force and [value? Adren Holdren [signed by mark]. Daniel Everitt and Richard Yowell [signatures]. Acknowledged the day and year above written before me Paul H.

Mallet Prevost. November 15th served the within State warrant and brought the prisoner before Paul H. Mallet Prevost, Esq. John Barton one the justice of the peace in and for said county To any constable in said County Greeting. Whereas Bethina McCain [could be Mclain] of Kingwood in the said county single woman has by "hir" voluntary examination taken in writing upon oath before me this day "Decared" [declared? I do therefore hereby command you to apprehend the said Adren Holdren and bring him fourthwith before me or some other of the Justices of the peace for the said County to find sufficien t surety for his appearance at the next Court of general Quarter Sessions of the peace to be Holden for said County then and there to abide and preform such order or orders as shall be made in the premises and to be dealt with according to Law given under my hand and seal this Fourteenth day of November Listed in Aaron's household are 1 free white male under 10 years of age; 1 free white male between 26 and 45 years of age; 1 free white female under 10 years of age; 1 free white female between 16 and 26 years of age; and 1 free white female between 26 and 45 years of age.

Assuming that Aaron's wife is the free white female listed in the census as being between 26 and 45 years of age, she would have been born between and , according to the census. Listed in Aid's household are 2 free white males under 5 years of age; 2 free white males between 5 and 10 years of age; 1 free white male between 10 and 15 years of age; 1 free white male between 30 and 40 years of age; 1 free white male between 40 and 50 years of age; 1 free white female between 15 and 20 years of age; 2 free white females between 20 and 30 years of age; and 1 free white female between 30 and 40 years of age.

Assuming that Aid is the free white male listed in the census as being between 40 and 50 years of age, he would have been born between and , according to the census. Assuming that Aid's wife is the free white female listed in the census as being between 30 and 40 years of age, she would have been born between and , according to the census.

Listed in Aid's household are 1 free white male under 5 years of age; 2 free white males between 5 and 10 years of age; 2 free white males between 10 and 15 years of age; 2 free white males between 15 and 20 years of age; 1 free white male between 50 and 60 years of age; and 1 free white female between 40 and 50 years of age. Assuming that Aid is the free white male listed in the census as being between 50 and 60 years of age, he would have been born between and , according to the census.

Assuming that Aid's wife is the free white female listed in the census as being between 40 and 50 years of age, she would have been born between and , according to the census. Aid is listed as in the census as a farmer who was then 65 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Listed with Aid is his wife, Abby, who was then 51 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about Also listed with Aid is his son, Phineas, who was then 17 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about According to the census, he was born in PA.

Also listed with Aid is his son, Geo. Edward is listed as in the census as a farmer who was then 70 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about His place of birth is not listed in the census. Listed with Edward is his wife, Abigail, who was then 50 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about Her place of birth is not listed in the census. Also listed with Edward is his son, George, a carpenter who was then 21 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Barrington ILL.

William B. Benjamin F. AKA: Ann Holdron. Ann died in her 93rd year she left living descendants; 11 children, 47 grandchildren, 47 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren. Married 13 Jan in Alexandria, NJ. Daniel wa 88 years old at his death. Mary O. Rebecca P. They had a large family. She married William M. Joseph P. They had 3 children. Joseph lives at what was formerly called Susan Taylor corner, on the road leading from Baptistown ot Pittstown. They had 4 children and resided in Frenchtown. Resides in Stockton, NJ. Jonathan R. Resides in Lamberville, NJ. Resides in Belvidere, NJ.

Had a large family of children. He was for many years conductor on the railroad from Belvidere to Trenton. William 4 Pursell born Dec Matthias 1 , born 12 Aug in Bucks Co. Arvada, Co. In the name of god. Farmer being mindful of my mortality, do this fifth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following: First I desire to be decently and privately buried in the grave yard at Spring Hill Johnson County kansas without any funeral pomp, and with as little expense as may be.

Also I give and bequeath unto my son John the sum of one Dollar. Also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah or her heirs the sum of one dollar. Also I give and bequeath unto my son Saumel Seeley te sum of one dollar. Also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rachel the sum of one dollar. Also I give and bequeath unto my wife Hannah during her life the use of all my monies and credits and household goods beddng and other furniture. And also after her decease all she may posses to be equally distributed between my son William and my son Thomas.

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And I do hereby constitue and affirm my son, William to be executor of this my last will and testament. In Witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy one. Lewis Nicola's Invalid Regimemt Nov. The pension was not granted as claimant failed to prove her father served six months as required by the pension law of Pension Records, I. File Rev. Philip Coe enlisted in the 5th company 5th regiment of New York line July 29, ; transferred to the Invalid Regiment Aug 10, , where he served until his son a boy of twelve years was accepted as a substitute.

Ichabod Coe, fife, aged twelve years, enlisted in the 2nd regiment, New York Line, as a substitute for his father; discharged June 10, New York in the revolution, pp. Philip Coe, private in Capt. Archives series V, vol. Generation Four. Grace 4 Holdren 6. John 3 , 2. Matthias 1 , born in Washington Co. Mary M.

SMITH , born , died Matthias 1 , born Married 17 Dec in Athens Co. Married 24 Dec in Vinton Co. Matthias 1 , born , died Married 4 Aug in Athens Co. Emily J. Matthias 1 , born , died 3 Sep Married 12 Jan in Athens Co. Nathan R. Mary S. Matthias 1 , born in OH. Married 16 May in Vinton Co. Francis M. She was the daughter of Ellen Willis and M. Francis Holdren. Her father left the home when she was but two years of age, and after the deaths of both her mother and grandfather in Adams County, OH, she was placed in the Children's Home in Adams County.

She was later adopted by Samuel M. Wamsley of West Union, Tiffin Twp. She graduated from high school there in and after the death of her adopted father in September, was sent to Park City, MO to attend Park College for a year. A 50th anniversary party was held at the home of daughter, Thelma in Attending were her brothers, two children, six grandchildren, one great-grandchild and many of the friends they had made over the years.

It is due to her habit of taking my brother and I with her to visit relatives in "the country" that I am familiar with the areas of Ohio where my genealogical research now takes me. She loved to sew, quilt, crochet, and tat. We are fortunate to have many fine examples of her work in our homes today. She passed her love of these crafts and the desire to learn others on to grandaughters, Mary and Shirley. The one we never mastered was tatting, which we are still struggling to learn today. Her last project was quilts for Annette and Michelle, our daughters born just six weeks apart.

Married 27 Nov in Mason Co. Joseph 3 , 2. Nathan 5 PARR , born William F. PARR Joseph PARR , born Matthias 1. He married Mary E. Dennis 3 , 3. Matthias 1 , born 4 Mar in NJ. Married 15 Nov in Phillipsburg, Warren Co. Josephine A. Hannah M. AKA: Holden. AKA: HoldenR. AKA: Louisa M. James M. Jacob H. Married 19 Jul in PA. I've seen his death location listed as Hopkin, Nodaway, MO per acestry. Married ca. I've seen her death year listed as on "suznjoe74" family tree on ancestry. Elizabeth A. Effa C. Married 24 Oct in Dearborn Co. Rebecca E. Matthias 1 , born in PA. Margaret E. William W.

AKA: Beniar. Married 20 Aug in Ohio Co. Married 15 Sep in Shelby Co. Matthias 1 , born Dec in Hunterdon CO. Mariah E. Married 28 Dec in Hamilton Co. They have no children. William 3 , 3. Matthias 1 , born in NJ. Anna Holdren-Green wife of Ernest Green is the only surviving grandchild of William Holdren born , she reports her grandfther had 21 boys and 18 of them survived to adulthood. The "Abbott-Kauffman 05" family tree on ancestry. Could William be the child in the suit. Unfortunately, Hunterdon County Courthouse has nothing on File but I was told by the women at the court house it was a very serious charge.

George U. Wesley C. General M. Adren 3 , 3. Matthias 1 , born 16 May in Columbia, PA. Lee Co. Shows father born in England and George W. They were accompained by Robert Bradshaw, the younger brother of George. That same year, George Bradshaw bought acres of land from a window of a soldier that fought in the war of The land was located about two. In the year of George and Mary moved to their land where they built a house and barn. Robert Bradshaw stayed at Rockford and farmed. Mary born 16 May , and George Bradshaw, 11 March had twelve children, seven sons and five daughters.

Compton Centennial Book Township, Columbia County, PA. It appears from the Bureau of Land Management web site. Neither of. Winnebago County, IL. A household headed by Robert E. Rockford, Winnebago County, IL. To boil this down, it appears that:. Robert E. George would have had to either sell the land or leave it behind in order to. Although Lee County was established in , George did not appear in the. Once he arrived in IL, Robert E. Elizabeth Cowing's Uncle Benjamin F. Holdren was married to Zariah "Aunt. Zac" Cowing. Possibly related to this John Cowing.

This family possibly lived around Joliet IL. Abigail's uncles, Phineas and George Holdren were the only two children. They were both. Phinesa Holdren married Phoebe Crawford. John Crawford could be a descendant of the same family. Believe that John Crawford was from Dixon, Illinois. This family may have. Sarah H. Benjamin H. Matthias 1 , born 29 Apr in Columbia, PA. Family Bible says she was married 10 May Married 14 May in PA. Andre Jackson Carnahan born on a farm ten miles southwest of Danville, Pa. He visited Melugin Grove in where his brothers Allen and Samuel were, and made arrangements to buy acres west of present Compton.

In he sold his farm in Pa. He actively engaged in farming and stock raising until when Carnahan Station was established as a railroad stop on his land. He was in the lumber and mercantile business until Matthias 1 , born 17 Nov in Mt. Pleasent, PA. Their first three children were born at Chicago, IL. About the family moved to Melgin Grove in Lee Co.

After William death his wife Sarah Derr married Samuel. Carnahan on 1 May Sarah's sister Phoebe, was married to John Holdren, William brother. Taken from the book called the Holdren family from , written by Patricia Morehouse, Barrington Illinois. Rosecrans with 41, men fought confederate General Braxton Bragg 34, men. Bragg after first having the better part of the combat was finally contained and forced to retreat.

Rosecrans lost 12, men while Bragg suffured 11, casualties. Although it was a strategic victory for Rosecrans, His Army was so shaken that he felt unable to advance again for 5 months, despite the urgins of Lincoln and Halleck. William Holdren in the year built, with the help of his son, Willis, a long one story frame building along the eastern boundary of lot number twenty eight of Christiances division for the village of Melugin, for wood Manufacturing shops, to make the wood parts for hand made buggies and wagons.

The wood parts and iron parts were assembled at the Holdren's buggy and wagon Shops and were completed for the farmers. They also made small articles made wood for the settlers. In the business had increased in growth to the extent that it was necessary for them to build a two story frame addition to the south of the present shops and many years later the business and equipment were moved to Mendota, Illinois, and then the building at the village of Melugin was removed from the village and was moved to the village of Compton. The building was of two parts, one part of one story construction, the other part of two story construction, the part of the building of one story construction was replaced on the north border parallel east and west with the already replaced the building on the block facing west on the border of third street, was for a butcher shop.

The two story other buildings of the block, north of the Joel Compton barn, was for an ice house for the Butcher shoip. Most buildings were moved to Compton by From the story of Melugin Grove by Lewis Montavon. According to the census, she was born in IL. HOLDEN, who was then 31 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about The relationship between Wm. William is listed in the census as a farmer who was then 41 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Listed with William is his wife, Sarah, who was then 42 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about Also listed with William is his son, Dennis, who was then 17 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with William is his son, John D.

Also listed with William is his son, James, who was then 8 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about According to the census, he was born in IL. Also listed with William is his son, David, who was then 5 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with William is his son, Byron, who was then 4 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with William is his son, George, who was then 11 months old; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with William is his daughter, Virginia, who was then 11 months old; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about First Tract:.

Sale Type: FD. Legal Description: N2SE. Section: Twnship: 38N. Range: 01E. Meridian: 3. Acres Bought: Price Per Acre: 1. Total Price: Stat: MALE. Vol: Page: The west burial ground is an older cemetery located west of the Brooklyn Twp cemetery and no longer used. Where most of the stones are buried or not easily located. Civil War Military Records. From Brooklyn IL. Enrolled 12 Oct at Mendota, IL. Mustered in 31 Oct at Chicago, IL. Company Muster. Ortenson, Surgeon in charge. Dennis was 9 years of age and was born in PA. John D. Civil War Pension Information. Holdren Certificate I 59th regmt ILL Infantry.

Discharged 8 Dec at New Braumfels, Texas. Served in ambulance corps 30 Sep to 9 Jun , served with the 59th Reg at Nashville and went with them to New Orleans. Tried on 23 Feb for leaving command 89th Reg and pillaging on about 13 Feb , sentenced to 3. Died 4 Aug Married 10 Jun Lottie Talzar who died 24 Aug Married prior to Delilah Lambort blind in at age. Height: 66 inches, weight: , Eyes: brown, complexion:. Hair: dark, Occupation: farmer. Chamfagin IL. Centralia IL. Louis Mo. Company Muster Roll:. M and D transfer roll dated 5 Aug shows sentenced ot 3 months in Military.

Matthias 1 , born 17 Mar in Columbia, PA. He was shown as a. Newspaper Obit. Richard Holdren moved from Penn to Chicago in He must have been there. Richard moved to Melugin Grove. William Holdren, their brother was already established in the buggy and wagon. Their single brother Mathias C.

Holdren also followed to Melugin. Grove around Richard Holdren died Monday Feb 12, , after only six days sickness with. He was born March 17, and came to Chicago. ILL in , and. He was married to Miss Isabell. Christenance 25 Dec To them were born two children, C. Holdren of. His wife died about 30 years ago. The funeral was held Wednesday. Betrick conducting the services assisted by Rev. Baumgardner of the U. He was laid to rest in the cemetery at. Melugin Grove with Masonic honor of which lodge he was a member. Card of thanks.

We wish to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the. Their compassion and sympathy. Isabell's brother Cornelius Christance was the first white child born Lee Co. Cornelius E. Matthias 1 , born 10 Feb in Columbia, PA. He resided in that state until he was 19 years of age, In the fall of he came to Milwaukee Wisconsin. At the time the populatin of that city numbered about souls.

He remained there until the following spring, when he together with two compaions walked to Chicago Illinois, a distance of ninety miles. In he began working carpentering in the capacity of Contractor, and continued until , when he enlisted in the 89th Illionis Infantry which Regiment took part in the great battles of Stone River, Mission Ridge, and others equally severe, and returned to the north crowned with laurels of a grateful nation.

Holdren was discharged in April , and returned to Melugin's Grove and began working at wagon making, which business he has followed. Bardwell " the book was published in Holdren has followed his trade for many years. In political views Mr. Holdren is a Republican, has served several years as School Director, and three terms as a member of the G. Enlisted 27 Aug Discharged 15 Apr at Cattanooga Tenn.

Muffressboro Tenn. Stationed at Bridgeport AL. Contracted disease of eyes caused by exposure to heat and dust on 29 Jul , near Murfreesboro Tenn, about 2 months after the battle of Stone River while working on the forts around that place, while working in the brush, his eyes.

Applied for invalid pension 24 Oct Vital Statistics: Born 10 Feb Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Co. Died 26 Jun Compton, Lee Co. At age 58 height: 70 inches, weight: , complexion: dark. At age 83 height: 68 inches, weight: , eyes blue,. Listed with Benj. According to the census, she was born in NH. Also listed with Benj. Benjamin is listed in the census as a wagon maker who was then 47 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Listed with Benjamin is his wife, Zeruiah, who was then 41 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about Also listed with Benjamin is his son, Francis, who was then 19 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with Benjamin is his daughter, Clara, who was then 16 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about I suspect that Clara in the census was the same person as Clarence in the census.

Also listed with Benjamin is his son, Jeremiah, who was then 12 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with Benjamin is his son, Charles, who was then 10 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with Benjamin is his daughter, Ladona, who was then 5 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about Also listed with Benjamin is his daughter, Eldora, who was born in January and who was then 5 months old.

Benjamin is listed in the census as a wheelwright who was then 57 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Listed with Benjamin is his wife, Zariah, who was then 53 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about According to the census, she was born in NH, and both of her parents were born in NH. Also listed with Benjamin is his son, Frank, who was then 26 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with Benjamin is his son, Benjamin, who was then 17 years of age; therefore, according to the census, he was born in about Also listed with Benjamin is his daughter, Doane, who was then 15 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about Also listed with Benjamin is his daughter, Nellie, who was then 9 years of age; therefore, according to the census, she was born in about Married 26 Jul in Chicago, IL.

John G. Army Civil War. Edgar enlisted in the Union Army on 14 Mayh He was E. Company th infantry Regiment. His residence at time of enlisment was Malugin's Grove, IL. If so then he was in the. Company F. Malugin's Grove, IL. Benjamin L. Married 21 Oct , John L. History of Lee. County Illinoin John L. Clapp, Merchant in Compton Illinois.

Was born in Brooklyn TWP. Lee county, Illinois 5 Feb , son of John F. In partnership with J. Rhodes, Mr. Clapp is engaged in the General. Merchandise business in Compton ILL. On October 21, he married Nellie. Holdren, daughter of Benjamin F.

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In Politics he is a Republican, and in fraternal affiliations a member of. Clapp is a member of the Methodist. Episcopal Church, and is Superintendent of the Sunday School. Matthias 1 , born 04 Feb in Mt. Pleasant, Columbia, PA. Newspaper article Obituary for John Holdren. Born Feb 4, died Feb 3, Our village was shocked when informed of.

Mr Holdren died at. Four some time he had been troubled with his. The place of his birth was Mt. Pleasent township, Columbia county Pa. He assisted in the management of the. In August , he was united in marriage to. Miss Phebe A. Holdren brought his young wife west in June, , and. In Mr. Holdren rented. He was a man. Public affairs received a large portion of his attention during his life,. He leaves five children, two girls and three.

The children. Shepard Mannon, Mrs. Janet Davison, Messrs. William, Edward, and. Sherman Holdren. Years ago he united with the Baptist church, but after. The furneral was held Sunday moring at 10 o'clock from his late home. John Holdren, a wealthy farmer residing in the village of Compton, is. He was born February 4, , in the part of Mt. Pleasant Township,. Columbia County, Pa, now included in Montour County. John was educated in his native county and there grew to man's estate. In he determined to emigrate to the fertile.

He located on a tract of land. The prairies were then but little used for. There were no railways, and Aurora and Peru were. Holdren erected suitable buildings on his, land and busily engaged in. In he sold it and bought another on. He has. He is the owner of four hundred. Conventently divided into three farms, that are. In what he has accomplished our subject has been greatly aided by his wife.

Derr, a native of the same. State as himself. Her birthplace being in Northuberland County. They have five. Eleanora, Edward, Janet and Sherman J. William married. Miss Ellin Adrian, and they have two children, Frannie and John. Willard and. Janet is the of Alonzo Davison and has two children Gracie P. Palmer, Edward married Miss Emma G. Swope, and they have two children, Emma C. Sherman married Miss Ellen N. Kline, and they have one child. Portratt and Biographical Record page Married Aug in Northumberland, PA.

Patricia Morehouse,. Barrington IL. Matthias 1 , born 4 Aug in Columbia, PA. David Holdren, farmer, Compton, was born in Columbia Co. While in Chicago Mr. Holdren worked on the old Tremont house that was. At that time there were very few buildings west. He worked in Chicago three months, and then went to Rockford,. He then returned home and worked at his trade until , in. Since he has been. He was a member of Masonic Lodge No. History of Lee County, Illionis David Holdren Certificate Complexion: dark, Hair: brown, Eyes: blue. Discharged at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas on 16 Sep ,. Injured hand and arm at George Town, north of Washington.

Approx 2 days. Was not in. Louis, Mo. Appointed to corporal 18 Jul Burried Mulugin Grove. Bradshaw in in Compton ILL. Claim for widow's pension of Mar shows that Lucretia Holdren age 61 of. Princeton, Bureau Co. Carnahan claimed hand injury caused death rejected by Goverment. Derr age 59 of Montgomery Station,. Lycoming Co. Holdren on 3 Mar Witnessed by Mary B. Hiram Carnahan acquainted with David Holdren from to his death were. David was in I company 15 Inf.

A Civil War-Era Letter. George McClellan. His letter provides a vivid account of ordinary village people in the midst of stirring events such as the sudden appearance of infantry marching into Jerseytown "with drums beating and colors flying. At the time, rural Columbia County was heavily Democratic in sentiment, and was believed to be full of "copperheads" or Southern sympathizers. McCoy, however, seems to have been staunchly Republican — perhaps part of the reason that he had moved to Ohio about the time the Civil War broke out.

In the U. The family was still there during the census, but shortly afterward, the McCoys moved to Ohio and settled in Fredericksburg, Wayne County, south of Akron. The letter mentions incidentally over twenty Columbia County persons and about the same number of sites homes, saloons, etc. In the footnotes we have provided tentative identifications for many of these names along with explanations of some obscure terms and phrases. The manuscript was transcribed and annotated by George Holdren and W. Fredericksburg, Wayne County [Ohio], 6 Oct. My dear Sir:. I think I am due you a letter, as I have been over the old grounds in Pa.

I will give you a history of my trip to Jerseytown and vicinity — that God-forsaken County of Columbia. I left home on Thursday the 8th of September, arrived at Harrisburg the same night about midnight. I stayed there until the next Monday, had a glorious time and spent the time very pleasantly. I had lots of good old Bourbon [and] took dinner with Simon Cernron [Cameron]; he gave me all the assurance that Pa. I was cross in Harrisburg to hear my old friends call me "old Mac"; I had a low western hat and my hair was mickling long, that made me look old.

I got my hair cut off in fighting trim and got a stove pipe hat which made quite a difference; then they called me "Col" again. There was a great many troops there; they sent off three Regiments while I was there. Russel wanted some whiskey and could not get any, as the Saloons will not sell to Soldiers. I took him to my room and gave him a good taste. I went from there to Bloom, stayed over night, saw all of my old friends; went next evening to Jerseytown, got there about 7 at night.

There was a big crowd there, in fact all the Township; they was raising money by subscription to hire men [for the army]. Smith was appointed a committee to hire the men. They went to Bloom and tried hard to hire some of the " days men" of the Army of Fishing Creek. Not scarcely a woman or man was to be seen. Rimly took to the hay mow and was not to be found.

Rimly showed herself a Lady — she gave them all the bread that she had. I am sorry to say Mrs. They mounted and out they went under full charge. The committee followed them there but did not succeed in hiring any. I see by the Bloom paper they had a draft [of men for the army] in Madison.

I had many a good malt on the old Porch. They would stop and say, "You have come back! What, are you going to start store again? I wish you would; we all go to Danville now. Dollman says it was hard enough when I left, but a darn sight worse when Jack went; you know that Jack was a god dem power would do you a favor when no other one would. Him and I went out to see Daniel Smith, took dinner there on Sunday; we had a good time, could hardly get away good, and Kind Susan, she got me one of my good old dinners — she knew what I liked.

It done me so much good to see her step around the table; she looks thin, also Mrs. I called to see Mrs. Now the Afghan military is struggling to save its soldiers on its own. Migrants from West Africa looking shocked after being rescued from a rubber boat off the coast of Libya by the NGO, MOAS, a search and rescue team working on the frontline of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean. In the background the rubber boat they were packed on with nearly men women and children, in hope of reaching Europe, burns after being set on fire to prevent the two smuggler boats that had followed the migrant rubber boat to international waters reclaiming it and using it again.

A Stand In The Valley. Living Avatar Amma founded the Sri Narayani Siddar Temple where he performs traditional Hindu pujas every day such as the cow or the fire ceremony. The temple is located in Tamil Nadu where Amma is venerated as an Avatar. Built to Blast. Behind the scenes as NASA constructs the most powerful rocket ever. Eduardo Amezcua, an inmate firefighter from the Antelope Conservation Camp, mops up hot spots during the wildfires in Sonoma County.

The lives of men on the fire lines and at home in prison conservation camps. Eduardo Amezcua puts out a hotspot while Jon Hooker, standing with a chainsaw, looks on. Photographer Brian L. Frank captures the lives of men on the fire lines and at home in prison conservation camps. This advertising photograph was for High Camp Supply, a business that sells and ships gardenia gift boxes. Twin daughters of a family of felt artisans near the village of Ulaan Am in Central Mongolia, abot km southwest of Ulaanbataar.

An elderly customer orders pie and mash at Arments Pie and Mash shop, London. Today, these simple spaces hold within them the memories of a rich, largely undocumented cultural heritage of generations of working-class Londoners in a city whose only constant is change. Swan Upping became important back in the Middle Ages in Britain. Back then, not only was the mute swan a valuable commodity and regularly traded between noblemen, but swan owners were legally bound by the Crown to mark their swans with nicks in their beaks.

Although now largely symbolic, the event still takes place today on the Monday of the third week in July, and serves to monitoring the condition and number of swans on the Thames. An alleged victim snuggles with a doll she calls Little Missy in her room at a nursing home facility. Luis Gomez is accused of sexually assaulting nursing home residents while working as a CNA at various facilities in the area. Riders fighting for control of the buz, a slaughtered calf, Dawlatabad, Afghanistan, March 16, In Buzkashi, Afghanistan's, riders battle for control of an animal corpse that they carry toward a goal.

Sixteen years after the U. Bicycling Julia Hawkins. Portrait of Julia Hawkins, year-old who took up competitive running at age Photographed at her home in Baton Rouge, LA. Portrait of Tyler, the Creator for Billboard's No. The Martin Luther King Jr. A year of parades in America. The title, Make American Great Again, is in Russian and is meant to open dialogue on censorship, fake news, current admin. Political poster created in response to the presidential election of Donald Trump, this mixed-media, mail art piece was exhibited at several museums and galleries in Colfax, Louisianna.

Open Burns, Ill Winds. America makes more bombs than any other nation, and any surplus, or old stock, is burnt off at open burn sites across the country. Opem Burns, Ill Winds. Lincoln Memorial. Trump won the election. People shouting on main streets, driving around honking their horns — elation. No Risk, No Life. Frankie McCray, Colfax Louisiana. Kaboom Town. The Pentagon has poisoned millions of acres and left Americans to guess at the threat to their health.

Its oversight of thousands of toxic sites has been marked by defiance and delay. In Colfax, Echoes of Another Conflict. Mom bought a BB gun after she and my younger sister were robbed at gunpoint. Toronto, Canada. In I became an American citizen. I was required to take an oath, to protect the constitution and bear arms if required. Through this survey of American gun culture, I'm attempting to understand who the American gun owner is and how I feel about guns.

Gun fridge. Irving, Texas. President Donald Trump waves at the conclusion of his inaugural address at the U. Capitol in Washington, D. Great Again, personal project that initially followed the presidential election from the campaign trail. Since the election of Donald Trump, it has focused on the demonstrators who've taken to the streets, as well as on the politicians and those who rally in support of them on the national stage. Frances McDormand's Difficult Women. Looking at Frances McDormand and the difficult women she plays on screen. She built a career and a passionate fan base with her supporting roles, and now, at 60, she's an unconventional star.

The Great American Eclipse. Poised within the center of the path of totality, Newport, Oregon, was host to the first major gathering of people in the continental United States to view the eclipse of the sun. The total solar eclipse made contact on the Oregon Coast just after a. Pacific time, darkening skies as the moon obscured the sun and cast a long shadow across Earth. It concluded its path just under minutes later in South Carolina.

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The next total eclipse to span the entire country will be in OUT Storytellers. Lily, 5, at a Los Angeles boutique, Lily says that Britney Spears, who has shopped at this same boutique, is her role model. Generation Wealth is a visual history of our growing obsession with wealth. I have explored a consumer appetite unprecedented in human history. Fashion Week. Models backstage at Prada's spring show, Milan, North Christian Church by Eero Saarinen, Columbus, Indiana. A photographic celebration of a small American city and its design legacy.

Irwin Miller office by Alexander Girard. Two weeks into the Trump presidency, I woke at to 2 am thinking about the dismantling of our democracy. I designed this, had it made, photographed it and then debated ever letting it out in the world. Many have said 'I hate it, but hate that it is representative of part of America even more'. On August 12, when a coalition of white-nationalist groups scheduled a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Trump, in a pair of rage-addled rants before the news media, drew the white-nationalist movement into the Republican coalition and gave it a legitimacy it could never have dreamed of.

The Miss Amazing Pageant, Chicago, Illinois, participants, and what she came away with is an inspiring and uplifting look at young women battling health issues with grace and positivity. Frozen Speed. Ice and speed collide for ice racers who spend their weekends racing around a frozen lake. Jason Gardner, far left, was beaten by a white teenager in an attack he believes was racially motivated, but Indiana is one of five states without hate crime laws.

Only in could this particular strip-club, reality-television, rap-fame fairy tale have come true. And maybe only for Cardi B. The wild side of Wedgwood's history is little known but larger than life. Here, a stack of subversive styles produced between the 19th and 20th centuries shown which are known as Makeig-Jones' Fairyland Lustre. Daisy Makeig-Jones is known as an eccentric porcelain designer who drew goblins and floating fairies in neon landscape on her pottery. Jon Bernthal is the Punisher. They steal scenes from stars.

Moonlight and Luke Cage star Mahershala Ali fills us in on his secrets of success: patience and stubbornness. A man walks briskly as the snow began to fall on Madison Avenue at 79th street. Police and protesters clash after Donald J. Trump was inaugrated as the 45th President of the United States. Police and protesters clash in downtown Washington, D. Best Friends. Yellow Gold. Nostalgia for Now. Spring fashion inspired by small town American women of the 50's and 60's, a cinematic take on modern fashion.

The Chairmaker. Primary image for a trade show booth display for small family company specializing in the production of handmade Windsor Chairs in Woodbury, VT. Bai Aolao, a year-old shaman master, in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Nike Pro Hijab. Yemeni Bodega Strike. Protesters pray at a strike organized by Yemeni store owners in protest to President Trump's executive order on immigration at Brooklyn Borough Hall on February 2nd, It is estimated that 35 percent of inmates at Cook County Jail in Chicago is mentally ill: more patients than ever are being treated in jail rather than at a mental health facility.

PowerHouse will publish this book of photographs and interviews with inmates and jail staff in the fall of Burning Man. I wanted to give people who have never been to Burning Man a first person look at the amazing art and a sense of this larger than life place in the hostile Black Rock Desert. Beginning before her release from prison in Her disclosure of classified documents in ushered in the age of leaks. Now, freed from prison, she talked about why she did it — and the isolation that followed.

The Reckoning. For our She Said issue, we asked women to create essays and images the discuss the complicated conversation about how we move forward from the sexual harassment reckoning. Samburu women from Kenya, whose desire to teach their children about computers drew them to a school. Nairobi software company BRCK innovated a wireless tech classroom. Learning how to read and do basic math, Samburu women, whose traditions often keep them at home, are setting an example.

Among them are journalists, nurses, and dozens of others who say they did nothing illegal. The making of the cigar, Vinales, Cuba. Photos and essay that explore behind the scenes of what it takes to make the perfect Cuban cigar from the perspectives farmer's. Shed for drying tobacco leaves, image 1 of 20 in the series. A look at Ernestine Harris, a mainstay in a gentrifying neighborhood in Atlanta. The bank came for her house after her husband passed away, but Mrs.

Harris fought off the bank and remains. A collection of portraits of friends, performers, drag artists, singers, and healers within the Queer and Trans community. Portraits made as pronouns shift, hormone replacement takes effect, and new names are taken and serve as a celebration and commemoration of change. Lucian Wintrich left , and his partner Brian Alarcon. It was exhibited at the RNC. His bathing partner Brian Alarcon right , has also modeled for Twinks. Wintrich says he has been called the "wrong kind of gay" by liberals for supporting Donald Trump in this election.

Art, Great Again! The project focuses on 14 New York based artists who convey a range of political leanings, certainties, artistic styles, mediums, and subject matter in their work. Fisherman of Mafia Island. Every morning I was there I went at the crack of dawn to watch this spectacle of returning fisherman. Here it seemed time stood still. Art Deco Drinks. This series presents a collection of iconic cocktails within a bold, contemporary and strong graphic environment. Fusing together the past and present, the images seek to contrast realistic details with a contemporary and minimal environment.

Anti-government protesters celebrate after taking back control of the main highway that runs through Caracas from government security forces. The streets of Caracas and other cities across Venezuela have been filled with tens of thousands of demonstrators for over days of massive protests, held since April 1st. Protesters are enraged at the government for becoming an increasingly repressive, authoritarian regime that has delayed elections, used armed government loyalist to threaten dissidents, called for the Constitution to be re-written to favor them, jailed and tortured protesters and members of the political opposition, and whose corruption and failed economic policy has caused the current economic crisis that has led to widespread food and medicine shortages across the country.

Independent local media report over people have been killed during protests and protest-related riots and looting. Thousands of people have been injured, and over 3, protesters have been detained by authorities, with over reporting being tortured while detained. Bond Bombshell. Leap of Faith. Residents of Kiryas Joel, New York, a village in Orange County and home to over 25, Satmar Hasids, voted to part ways with their secular neighbors in the Town of Monroe on November 7th , ending years of conflict over zoning.

Photographed for The New York Times. I photographed him in his studio in Los Angeles. Hips cookbook. Heat, sweat, movement, and shape. Nike Basketball Harlem. A set of images focusing on basketball in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. A set of images portraying basketball in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. The same year the car wash opened Frank Sinatra visited the town and changed it forever. I could imagine Frank rolling through with his Rat Pack buddies getting one of his American classics cleaned. Maybe he left a memorable tip, since he only carried hundred dollar bills in his wallet, I've heard.

Upward, Over the Mountain. A long-term studio-based project—a figurative series, with a performative aspect: I create a theatre set, sew the costumes, construct props and backdrops, etc. The Alchemy, an ongoing collaboration with photographer Michel Leroy and a range of professional athletes that explores the tension between sensuality and physicality through the the singular beauty of the human form. The technique is notable for the tactile permanence of flesh revealed through the in-camera process.

Marcia Walker, held by her son, Dwayne, grieves as she looks upon the casket of her daughter, Tanesia Walker. Analysis shows that women who deliver at hospitals that disproportionately serve black mothers are at a higher risk of harm. Smoke and Mirrors. Trump supporters from Queens gather outside of Trump Tower to express their support for the President. It is easy enough to condemn the man, but I wanted to look at the culture that produced him by spending some time roaming the streets around Trump Tower. Flagship branding, glorification of wealth, overtly sexual advertising, drastic income inequality, skyscrapers financed by international money laundering, overpriced goods that no one needs-the smoke and mirrors of the canyons of winners and losers in midtown Manhattan.

Selected is one image, from a series, produced for a fashion feature. On the way to Tokyo airport to return home, I looked out the bus window and saw a bellhop running. As he ran to direct our bus into traffic I imagined myself running away to stay in Japan. This summer we photographed Joan Campbell for Prevention.

She's an 87 year-old record holding swimmer who was most impressive. Joan was in the water for hours, diving and swimming laps.

Wrong Way Driver Causes Fatal Crash on Dallas Highway - Full Video HD

We captured a range of above and underwater shots, shooting both stills and video, including a short interview. Made in America. A portrait of Webster City, Iowa, a small town that was devastated when they lost the Electrolux factory that employed most of the town.

Now, instead of waiting for anyone to bring factories back to town, they're trying to reinvent how they do business and make ends meet. Tara, Las Vegas, Nevada. These images highlight the complexity of the controversial 2nd Amendment in relation to this vulnerable and disenfranchised yet historically liberal minority group. The Italian Marble Trade is booming, fueled by insatiable demand in Saudi Arabia and the other gulf states.

Portraits of a variety of athletes competing in the Wodapalooza crossfit games. Two Pakistani immigrants who are now US citizens, use their protest posters as prayer mats outside a bar called the Patriot and around the corner from an anti-immigrant-ban protest. The three women had stopped in the bar and decided to stand next to these men to make sure they weren't accosted. Scenes from South of the Border Wall.

Border Patrol agents collect a discarded ladder, haphazardly spray-painted green for camouflage. North of the Border, South of the Wall. This is the area underneath Anzalduas bridge, which is now the area with the most apprehensions of migrants in the nation. There is a wall here, migrants cross here and immediately turn themselves in to Border Patrol, asking for asylum. The border wall will not stop asylum seekers from reaching American soil.

Three Gorgeous Cakes for the Holidays. A cranberry-lemon stripe cake, a devil's-food cake with toasted-marshmallow frosting or a sugarplum gingerbread cake for special occasions, photographed by Davide Luciano for our Feasts issue. The Dongting Lake People. These fishermen have lived for generations by fishing on the enormous lake and are now faced with circumstances including dramatic lake shrinkage, displacement, pollution and aging.

The lake is in a state of flux but is also steeped in folklores and myths. This image depicts year-old Chodron, who is considered to be an oracle and a reincarnated deity by the residents of her small village on the edge of Ngari Prefecture to the west of Tibet, an area largely devoid of human presence as a result of its high altitude and climatic extremes. Cardinal Newman Burns. The most devastating fires in Northern California hit on October 9th, They killed 42 people and destroyed over 8, structures. Cardinal Newman High School was significantly damaged and many of the students lost their homes.

Journey's End. Lounge chairs are seen melted by the pool at Journey's End mobile home after the Tubbs fire tore through the property on Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa, Calif. The Muni trains had been experiencing unexpected drop-offs where people were forced off of the trains. Too Young for Division I?. At just 10 years old, Maxwell Young, aka Bunchie, is receiving official scholarship offers from major universities to play football.

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Inside booklet contains shots from studio rehearsals, gigs and band portraits. Rei Kawakubo, Interpreter of Dreams. Rei Kawakubo, the year-old force behind the avant-garde label Comme des Garcons, makes otherworldly clothes that express hidden desires and fears. Headpiece by Julien d'Ys. Model: Saskia de Brauw. Berkeley beatdown. A supporter of President Trump is beaten by a counter protester during a conservative rally August 27, in Berkeley, California.

Human Kind, Marrakesh, Morocco. Diverse as the human population is, we are all connected through shared human experiences of love and laughter, of pain and loss, of struggle and hope. It is the documentation of these conditions that give the world an understanding of how we are the same and why we are different. A portrait of Javier Botet, a Spanish actor whose talent for portraying monsters has made him an increasingly in demand choice for roles in Horror films. Botet was born with a genetic disorder know as Marfan syndrome. Tough Mudder, the obstacle-course company that puts regular people through almost comically extreme challenges, is trying to clear one of the biggest hurdles in business: scaling from one-hit wonder to global phenomenon.

From a larger body of work focusing on the rural farming community of Glencoe, Canada. The American Dreamsicle. We are Unconquered. There is one thing these Romanian men all have in common: They went through hell and came out stronger. They are Invictus. A family mourns the death of their son, Brian Malmsbury, who overdoesed on heroin in the basement of their home.

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Faces of an Epidemic. In Montgomery County, Ohio, opioid addiction permeates everyday life. The scene of an overdose death in Drexel, Ohio. Deputy Andy Teague arrests a man for possession of heroin and crystal methamphetamine in Drexel, Ohio. The body of someone who has died from a suspected opioid overdose. A family mourns the loss of their son, Brian Malmsbury, who died from a heroin overdose in the basement of his families home in Miamisburg, OH a city in Montgomery County. A police officer touches the body of a man who had just overdosed to determine if he was still alive.

He was not and had died before law enforcement and paramedics could arrive. In the background is his daughter. Opioid overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50 and kill more people each year than car accidents. In Montgomery County, Ohio opioid addiction permeates daily life. After a foot pursuit with a police officer from the Montgomery County Sheriff's department, a man is arrested for possession and subsequently charged with possession of crystal meth and heroin in Drexel, Ohio.

At least half of the bodies in the background are also deaths from suspected overdoses, which is typical for them now. Lauren Returns Home. Lauren Gundlach returns to her childhood home with her father after it was destroyed by floodwater. When 51 inches of rain fell over Houston during Hurricane Harvey, the reservoir held back water until it threatened to breach the dams.

Miami resident Chris Martin embraces a crosswalk pole as he makes his way though floodwater on Brickell Avenue in downtown Miami during Hurricane Irma's landfall in Florida. Hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the north Atlantic made landfall in Florida with winds exceeding kilometers an hour. Storm surges flooded downtown Miami and left many along throughout the Florida keys and the western coast without homes. Bonita Springs, Florida - Residents work to recover their destroyed possessions after their home was damaged by floodwater a day after Hurricane Irma passed through Lee County on the southwest coast of Florida.

Chris Martin makes his way through floodwater on Brickell Avenue in Miami. Surviving Irma. Florida before, during and after Hurricane Irma's landfall. Residents work to recover possessions after their home was damaged by at least four feet of floodwater a day after Irma passed through Lee County. Photographs of preparation and aftermath of Hurricane Irma as it made landfall in florida. The First Day. The Inauguration on January 20th, Donald J.

Trump took the oath office, becoming the 45th president of the United States. His supporters congregated in front of the Capitol building. As he started speaking, it began to rain. Later on, protestors clashed with police and supporters. Augusta, Georgia. Land of Pain and Promise. The photographer Andrew Moore has spent the past half-decade documenting the wounds, traditions, and haunting beauty of the Deep South. Ricochet, real name Trevor Mann, is one of the most highly touted American professional wrestlers in the world today. He's in mid-rotation on a shooting star press after jumping off of the top rope, and about to land on another up-and-coming star in Keith Lee during the EVOLVE 80 show Thursday night.

How the Rohingya Escaped. She died last night of diarrhea after 15 days of being sick. Her family left home after the army burnt out their village a month ago, after that they had to walk and hide for 10 days in the jungle until they reached Bangladesh. Tasmin had diarrhea for 15 days, they took her to a pharmacists who referred them to a clinic they didnt know where it was. Then yesterday, they bought medicine from another pharmacist. Kalima, her mother said "Now in Bangladesh our life is saved, but medical attention we are getting is very little.

We are worried for our 2 other children. Now I am pregnant, I am worried for the child I am bearing and for myself". Mohammed Hossain carries his year old blind father as they walk after disembarking from a makeshift raft that took them across the Naf river into Bangladesh, Teknaf area.

Most of this Rohingya people spent weeks stranded in a beach in Myanmar before buidling the raft, they were literally starving. With no money to pay fishermen to take them across they had no option but to build a raft.

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We could see they were intercepted by burmese armed forces in the middle of the river. We were later told that they were beaten, robbed, the women touched as they looked for money or jewelry and later they got their paddles taken away. Rohingya refugees struggle to receive aid from volunteers delivering food in a truck along the road near the refugee camps. A shop at the recently set refugee camp of Balukhali, Bangladesh. Amish egg farm in Herdon, Pennsylvania. Shot for Organic Valley Cooperative. Fortune Cookie. Inspired by a view through the window from the 31 bus in Paris.

We spied a strange couple deep in debate and we imagined their back story. The Black Victorian. The lady and abundance - the use of orange peels makes the project especially personal. It's an element that connects me to memories of my maternal grandmother. A visual experiment, designed to examine and explore the absence of Black, female narratives in pivotal cultural and social movements such as the Victorian era.

The Lady and her Home - it was very important that the subject was a woman. There is an embodiment of power and presence I believe women possess. A visual experiment, designed to examine and explore the absence of Black, female narratives in pivotal cultural and social movements such as the Victorian. Passion Projects, Bangkok Thailand. Passions Projects. Rohingya refugees cross into Bangladesh from Myanmar.

They say their villages were burned and their relatives and friends were killed, raped and tortured by soldiers in Myanmar. In the months following August 25th, about , Rohingya refugees fled Myanmar for Bangladesh. Ohio State Marching Band. When a school gets a seat in the CFP semifinals, it's not just the football players who work on little rest. See how the Best Damn Band in the Land prepares and dots the "i. Afropunk Fan, August This work is part of an ongoing series of portraits of artists and fans at the Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn, NY. Gabourey Sidibe talks about confidence, Black womanhood, and making the first-time transition from in front of to behind the camera in our UnCover feature shot by Brad Ogbonna.

Brian in the Rain, NYC. In the form of a manual, a spectrum of human figure and picture making come together for The New Manual of Nude Photography. The story of Nike's Breaking2 project - Nike's effort to put forth three of their own athletes to attempt to run a marathon in under two hours, which had never been done before. I traveled to Portland, Kenya, and Milan to document the process from testing, to training, to the final race.

Runners training in Kenya. Nike Breaking 2. Untold story of Nike's 2 hour marathon attempt. Android replica of Hiroshi Ishiguro, Japan. Love in the Time of Robots. Androids and the man who creates them. Bear Essential. Samantha Power, U. Ambassador to the U. Security Council. Contemporary dance arthouse Tangente advertising Campaign. Medics and doctors treating civilians wounded in a bomb blast, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Front Towards Enemy is a deconstructed photobook showcasing the distinctly different ways award-winning photographer Louie Palu documented the war in Afghanistan over the course of five years.

The reader of the book can re-edit sections of the book and or hang it as a pop up exhibition. Afghan soldier wounded in a night raid, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Afghan soldier eating grapes while on Patrol, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Front Towards Enemy is a deconstructed photo book showcasing the distinctly different ways award-winning photographer Louie Palu documented the war in Afghanistan over the course of five years.

A Canadian soldier takes cover from insurgent small arms fire during a battle, Kandahar, Afghanistan. A wet plate collodion tintype image of a octopus on a 8x10 inch metal plate. This image was produced by hand using 19th century techniques which fully capture the detail of the natural world while embracing the beauty of imperfection. West Indian American girls. Photo by: Yana Paskova for Getty Images. Women's March on Washington, Washington, D. Pillsbury went to the Women's March on Washington to capture the beginnings of "a new feminist movement [that] has sparked a mobilization on the left.

Through self-portraits I use the body, perspective and gesture to comment on identity, intimacy and the concept of self. Stooges, Pretzel, Civilians who have remained in Mosul, Iraq line up for an aid distribution in the Mamun neighborhood of the city. The View from above the Ice Fishing Extravaganza. Walleye World. SNL takes on the Trump Administration.

Billboard Grammy coverage. Blige poses for a portrait. A jockey sits for a portrait moments after completing a race at Santa Anita Racetrack in California. The Jockeys of Santa Anita. Horse jockeys photographed at Santa Anita Raceway as part of a personal portrait series. A runner reacts moments after completing the Los Angeles Marathon.

Marathon runners photographed moments after finishing, as part of a personal portrait series. A young boy in the public housing development known as Barry Farm calls to his dog. The Barry Farms Dwellings are slated for redevelopment this year. The Invisible Wall. The impoverished neighborhoods of Washington DC's far eastern neighborhoods are separated from the rest of DC by the Anacostia River, a virtual moat. Formed from a mix of historic buildings and public housing, whose residents, unvanquished, celebrate with pride who they are and from where they come.

Ladies watch a fashion show at Ms. Trump After Hours. President Donald Trump enters his private living room in the White House residence. The Blind Man's Colorful Balloons. American Women: Miss America. These women celebrate their culture of origin while also announcing their American identity, posing in traditional dress to participate in the American spectacle of the pageant, a world that up until recently had Donald Trump at its helm with his control of the Miss Universe Pageant.

The Mars Desert Research Station. The Mars Desert Research Station is full scale facility in southern Utah that is designed to host research teams who work under the constraints of a Mars mission for two to three weeks while doing intensive field studies. Hamdi Ulukaya has built Chobani into a multibillion-dollar yogurt giant by meshing big-hearted values with hard-edged competition. I'm a Shepherd and I'm a Warrior. This series begins with a composite of Ulukaya and factory employees made into one figure following with portraits of each company worker and ending with Ulukaya.

Jamie after a Water Break. Phoenix, Arizona. My latest series explores my nostalgia and love for football while reckoning the decision to keep my son from the game that shaped me for better or for worse. This work puts you on the sideline; in the helmet; in the bleachers, with the joy, hard work and heartache that characterizes the sport. The Hunted. His sister Elidia, who also had albinism, was kidnapped and murdered in September One of the abductors was caught with part of a bone three days later.

Carlitos believes his brother-in-law was responsible for the murder. He lost his first set of gear in a classic '70s New York stabbing and mugging, but with a new camera he documented what he saw on the job, published for the first time in New York Mag. Stapleton, Staten Island. Rodriguez drove a cab from to , and in the last two of those years he was studying to be a photographer. Not of This Place Series , Gravity.

Personal series done over 3 days on road trip to various Southern California desert locations that take on unearthly qualities. Clad in signature antebellum dresses, they appear at civic events in smiling silence, despite being selected on merit—an alluring but complicated reflection of national conversations on gender and race today. Starbucks Digs In. Portrait series of Starbucks goers in Ferguson, Missouri to accompany a story on how the coffee giant is rejuvenating key areas of American society - and redefining what a brand can be.

Balloon Breasts. Conceptual image of balloons for a story about breasts for Parents Magazine. Una Casa en Palmito. Decades ago, poverty and scarcity caught up with the dominant feudal families in Sincelejo. A small agrarian town with blazing hot temperatures on the Northern Coast of Colombia. Image of Structure. Swaths of shadows border intense reflections of the sun as it peaks out from the clouds. First Snow. The first major snowfall in Brooklyn in the winter season. In the States of Grace series, I illuminate the serenity I find in a suspended moment of light on graceful organic forms.

Images are layered with color and texture to balance the real and imagined and printed with archival pigment ink on translucent vellum. White gold leaf is then hand-applied on verso to create a luminous surface and to suffuse the ephemeral subject with the spirituality and sanctity of the precious metal. He's been vilified by millions and locked out of the NFL—all because he took a knee to protest police brutality.

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Colin Kaepernick cover. As globalization alters our relationship to food, I'm making my way around the world, asking kids to keep a diary of everything the eat in a week.