Transfer address book from phone to phone

Now you can check the contact list on new Android phone. Besides the above method, you have another way to copy contacts from old Android phone to a new Android phone.

What is Smart Switch and how do I use it?

Please follow the below steps:. Tip: If your contacts get lost or deleted by mistake, you can quickly recover them by using Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery Software.

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  • Make your new phone feel like home;
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  • The Easy Way: Sync With Your Google Account.

If you have synced your contacts to Gmail account, that would make easier to move contacts from one Android phone to another. Follow the path above to add Google account on the new phone.

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  5. Then type the Gmail address and the password into the device. Then wait a while until the entire process is complete.

    Part 1. 1 click to transfer contacts to new Android/iPhone

    After all this, you should see all the synced contacts on the new device. Besides the above 3 ways, you can also transfer contacts from Android to Android via SD card etc.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android (Without PC or Apps)

    Windows Mac. Find Us on Facebook Twitter Youtube. Follow the steps below, if you have a Windows Phone and you wish to transfer your contacts to iPhone. Next import the Windows Phone contacts to iPhone.

    How to Transfer Contacts From a Cell Phone if the Screen Goes Blank

    Most of you would have already synced their Windows Phone contacts to a Microsoft account such as Outlook. If this is the case, skip directly to Step 6. Note : If you are currently syncing the Windows Phone contacts to a Gmail account, you can already transfer them to your iPhone by following this tutorial. The Windows Phone contacts will be automatically pushed to the newly-created Microsoft account. On the PC, open a web browser window, navigate to login.

    The Windows Phone contacts are loaded up in the address book of your Microsoft account. For this purpose you need CopyTrans Contacts.

    Install the program.