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Be honest and transparent in providing the insurer all the details of your driving history. This has to be paid out of your own pocket before you can collect your car from the panel beater. Unfortunately, you have no time to save for this event within a few days. If you had been aware of this since you signed the policy, you would have started saving for this eventuality. Alternatively, you could have decreased your excess and increased your premium. Exchanging your huge mileage going to work and back with working from home, means less risk and a lower premium. Instead of parking in an open yard at night, park in a lock-up garage.

The extra safety reduces the risk and therefore the premium. You can do this at any time that suits you. If you are concerned about any hidden costs, there is a call-back facility available. Audio and video materials are also there to assist you. Online shopping continues to grow in popularity in South Africa.

Is it the same for car insurance? Do people like buying car insurance online too? The key to online shopping success for companies is to make it as easy as possible for customers. Some may argue that it is easier to buy something over the phone compared to filling out pages of information online.

Nevertheless, some insurers have made it as easy and logical a process as possible.

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The latest IT technology allows website owners to constantly improve their online buying processes by studying how consumers behave on their websites. Most leading insurers have embraced the online shopping trend and promote and sell car insurance online now. It is true that insurers are catering for the part of the population that is digitally savvy.

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However, some South Africans still prefer to make purchases the traditional way, whether it is instore or via a telesales person. This trend is also evident in the online self-service sector. For example, MultiChoice, the owner of DStv, announced that they would restructure their workforce based on changing consumer behaviour, as more people interacted with the company online than in the past. It is fascinating to see this growth in online shopping.

According to a recent research study by the University of South Africa, many respondents were concerned about the security of their financial data when participating in shopping. Consumer buyer behaviour is intriguing because of financial crime occurring face-to-face too, whether it is card skimming during a transaction at a point-of-sale in a store, or someone being robbed at an ATM.

Either way, banks, in many cases, usually refund people who have been victims of financial crime. Every bank has its own terms and conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you confirm what and when your bank covers you in terms of fraud. South African companies have, and continue to, invest in online security. When it comes to buying anything online, follow the standard safety precautions. Make sure it is a legitimate website from an insurer before you share your financial information. So, we recommend that you seek qualified financial advice before you buy car insurance regardless of how you decide to buy car insurance.

Buying products online is convenient and generally secure. Online stores and insurers usually make every effort to provide excellent customer care too. Are you looking for affordable car insurance? Why not get an online quote or buy car insurance online with PMD? About Articles Careers. Car Insurance. Get a Quote Today!

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Fill in your details and we'll call you back Subscription successful! Try again later? Name is missing. Cell is missing. Learn More. Get a car insurance quote in under 10 minutes Car insurance is a must before you get behind the wheel. We've made it easy to get a quote online. But how does it work and is it right for you? Read on for our top 10 tips for cutting the cost of your car insurance, or get started now by comparing quotes below It may be tempting to opt for the cheapest policy available, but sacrificing quality of cover for a low price tag might give you an unwelcome and expensive shock later on Young drivers insurance for cars is notoriously expensive — find out why and what you can do to lessen the blow and find cheap insurance for young drivers There are always things we could be doing better,so if you spot something you feel could be improved, email us at editor uswitch.

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The FCA promotes good business practice and fair financial markets - including the car insurance comparison market - to help consumers get a fair deal. For more ideas on how to reduce your insurance costs, read our car insurance guides. Compare car insurance quotes.

How it works. To get accurate quotes you'll need: To speed up the process, have these things ready before you start comparing: Your car registration number. Your expected annual mileage figures. One Sure Insurance is able to offer tailored advice that is individual to your needs and requirements.

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As a leading car insurance broker, we are able to offer you competitive pricing over the phone. If you prefer to carry out an online quote, we offer a simple and easy-to-use car insurance quote form that will allow us to gather all of the necessary details about you and your vehicle. All we require from you is personal information such as your date of birth, postcode and your career, as well as information relating to your driving experience, habits and your motor vehicle.

Once the form has been completed, one of our specialist car insurance sales agents will be more than happy to run through your quote and provide you with an individually tailored car insurance quote. We will be able to advise you on the different options that may also reduce your car insurance premium - such as your level of voluntary excess, the option to protect your NCB No Claims Bonus , and the option of paying in one installment - or over monthly installments.

At One Sure Insurance, we are able to offer you guidance and advice on which type of policy may be the best for you and your driving style.

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As your policy price will often depend on the level of cover you choose to take out, it's important to decide whether you want to take out Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft, or Third Party cover. Being able to determine what type of cover is the best for you will help to speed up the comparison process and will make it easier to find a very cheap car insurance quote. When you decide to let One Sure do the car insurance quote searching for you, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.