Where to find engine identification chevy

Regular "" Engine - 6 Cylinder.

Chevy Truck Parts

Thriftmaster "". Thriftmaster "" with Hydramatic Transmission.

Chevy Identification Numbers

Thriftmaster "" - Updraft Carburetor - Forward Control. Thriftmaster "" Heavy Duty Clutch. Loadmaster "". Loadmaster "" with Hydramatic Transmission. Jobmaster "" - 6 Cylinder. Assembly Plant. Thriftmaster "" with Heavy Duty Clutch.

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Thriftmaster "" -Updraft. Thriftmaster "" -Updraft and Hydramatic. That is where mine reads 4 6 2, looks as if it was grind smooth Once i thought of it, i see now that K 2 3 4 0 0 1 9 on the title is from an old engine no longer in the truck. And there is no ID Plates. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Chevy V8 Block Casting Number Locations

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  • Recommended Posts. Posted December 19, Once again, we celebrate another editorial look-back, and jump into the way back machine to open the Power Automedia vault that houses our vast collection of articles and revisit another great informational piece. The Chevrolet big-block was developed and used in the s through the s.

    Although Chevrolet had introduced its popular small-block V8 in , it needed something larger to power the medium-duty trucks and its heavier cars that were on the drawing board. This wide-range usage means that tens-of-thousands of these V8 were built.

    How to Identify a Chevy Engine by Numbers

    Once plentiful in salvage yards, finding them at a relatively lean price is getting harder to realize. That means finding the perfect block and knowing what your looking at is vital.

    How to I D a 4 bolt main small block chevy

    The original article gives a thorough listing of block casting numbers, and what they mean. For the true Chevy guy, the in-depth listing is a wealth of knowledge that is vital.