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When the listing comes up, it will show the owner's location, and whether more information about the owner is available. Write down the fees for retrieving the information and save it. Research a few other companies and compare prices. Pay for the search if you only need to look up one number. Pay for a premium membership if you need to do frequent searches. The owner's information will be available after you pay the fee. Type the person's name--and any other information you have such as city and state--into a major search engine such as Google.

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If he has listed his cell phone on a website or in a free online advertisements such as Craigslist, it might show up in a listing. Type the name--and location if you have it--into the cell phone section of an online cell phone directory such as Phonebooks. Traditional phone directories do not publish cell phone numbers or unlisted numbers. Review the list of names and locations to find the correct person, and pay the fee to receive the person's phone numbers and addresses.

Search through a people-finder service such as Peoplefinders. Type the name, city and state into the search feature. You can search by name only if you don't have an address. Review the list that shows the names, ages and locations to see if you found the correct person.

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One may need to find out the phone number of a lost friend or perhaps access the phone number of his bank. There are many reasons why we need to access and find phone numbers and they differ from individual to individual. What is common for all individuals when conducting a phone search is that they need an accurate and extensive phone database that will give them the information they want within seconds.

Whatever be the reason one needs to get phone number details in a quick and cheap manner as no one likes taking painstaking efforts to get them. A free online phone directory needs to be resorted to for the task and in such a case one prefers to check one that is easily available online. Our comprehensive White Pages directory can help you find any private citizen in the United States and Canada. It can help you retrieve telephone number information in seconds.

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It is an authentic phone database and helps people to quickly find people in minutes. White pages directory contains all the residential and business telephone numbers in alphabetical order. One can search for a particular contact through these websites for the requisite information.

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All the businesses that are registered in the United States of America are listed in these directories in alphabetical order. The Phone numbers belonging to the residents of United States of America are also listed according to their regions on these sites. However, even unlisted numbers find their way into records systems, as people may list them on applications, resumes, social media profiles, etc.

Some database information providers compile contact information from alternative public records sources which may pick up some unlisted numbers. Paying to access such services may increase the likelihood of a match. This is somewhat of a manual version of a reverse search. To match a phone number to a person, simply call the number.

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  • You can either be yourself, or pretend to be someone else to avoid recognition. When they answer, ask for a person with an unusual name not likely to be there.

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    Are you absolutely sure? Well, who am I talking to then? This approach can rattle the other person and make them reveal their identity. Cell phone and mobile device companies keep a record of every call and text message sent from a registered number. It is fairly easy to get a record of your personal cell phone usage. If you need to uncover records for one of your family members, it is a fairly simple process if you share the same cell phone plan. If so, then just follow the process used to get access to your own cell phone records.

    Check your monthly cell phone bill, or register an online account to get instant access to real time phone records.

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    If you do not share a same phone plan, you need to contact the service provider for assistance. In case the phone company refuses to give out the information, you might have to get a court order or subpoena to access the records. If you want to monitor your child or employee on their cell phone, see mobile phone spy tracking software.

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    Before the internet age, looking up a phone number was a much more manual process. Using that number, people could provide the name of a person or a business and a directory assistance operator would look up the number on their behalf. In many cases, an automated voice would read the phone number back to the caller. Occasionally, the directory assistance operator asks for more information, such as the difference between two people with the same name, or the street address.