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Arizona Criminal Investigations Division Public record requests of criminal history. Arizona Inmates Search Find the location and release information of individuals incarcerated with the Arizona Dept. Marshals Service. Arizona Sex Offenders Search the Arizona government database of registered offenders by name or location. Arizona Criminal Record Expungements Information and resources to assist in expunging criminal records state and nationwide.

Arizona Arrest Records Access arrest records directly from Arizona law enforcement agencies individually.

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Arizona Department of Public Safety Concealed weapons, records requests, licensing and more. Arizona Game and Fish Department Fishing licenses, hunting licenses and more. Arizona Attorney General Civil, criminal and appellate courts. Arizona State University Police Police records, forms, crime statistics and more. Arizona Asset Search Search government agencies open to the public to find assets of companies, corporations, or individuals. Arizona Secretary of State Records Look up assessor's records for real property information by navigating to county recorders and assessor's links.

Arizona Unclaimed Property Search property and claim status from the office of the state treasurer.

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Arizona Fictitious Business Names Filings Search business corporation name availability or other business entity, file with the Arizona Corporations Commission. Arizona Statewide Professional Licenses Information on obtaining a professional license. Arizona Licenses Search and verify an individuals professional licensing or occupational status with the state of Arizona. Arizona Death Row Information regarding individuals on death row in the state of Arizona.

Arizona Driving Records Access online forms from the state DMV to request a drivers license, complete registration and more. Arizona Genealogy Records Browse state archives, historical records, and online databases, search Arizona census records to find info about ancestors, family tree and more. Arizona Missing Children Search Arizona missing and exploited kids. Arizona Elections and Voter Information Voter data statewide. Arizona Business Forms Free downloadable forms from the business programs division.

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Arizona Tax Information State tax links and resources. Search For State Employees Employee name search. Search Arizona Law Lookup Arizona codes and laws. Directory of Arizona Agencies Contact any agency statewide. Search for State Financial Institutions Financial institution information. Arizona Census Information Census bureau quick facts and information.

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Arizona Airports Find airports and flight information. Arizona State Library Services for the public, teachers, students and libraries.

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Arizona State Records Requests Request archives and public records. If your sweetheart turns up in the criminal section of a superior court website like Maricopa County's , he or she was once facing a felony charge. This doesn't necessarily mean they were convicted, so make sure you poke around for details.

The site will give you the dates of court appearances and a list of documents filed for the case. From the home page, click on "get case information," then "criminal court cases" and enter the name.

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Again, watch out for the birthday. For a bit more detail on what went on during those court appearances, check out the case's minute entries. This doesn't cover sex crime cases, however. Paste the case number into the search bar there, and delete the hyphen. Want to check on the status of that "divorce"? Find a "consent decree," "decree of dissolution" or the like, and congrats! Your hunny is legally single and ready to mingle. The Arizona Department of Public Safety's sex-offender registry is a more robust search engine than most, offering searches by city, address, email address as well as name.

The registry also showcases the dozens of offenders who are out of compliance. In addition, unlike the Central State Repository, a person seeking a criminal history record from a local depository a court or law enforcement agency is likely to be charged a fee for that information. On the other hand, if a person has a very limited criminal history -- perhaps only one case in one Arizona jurisdiction -- obtaining a criminal history record in that local jurisdiction may be more convenient and may make the most sense.

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  4. Arizona has a very straightforward law regarding how long a criminal history record is maintained. Arizona law requires that a criminal history record be maintained until the subject of the record reaches the age of 99 or until one year after that person dies. There are no shorter periods for misdemeanors or less serious felonies.

    Once data is put into a criminal history record, it must be maintained ta the Central State Repository for this period of time. You may be able to clear your criminal record depending on the types of charges that you have. You may be able to set aside expunge your record if it resulted in a conviction or seal your record if it only resulted in an arrest. If you would like to find out if your case is eligible to be expunged or sealed , the quickest and easiest way is to take this free online eligibility test or call for a free assessment.

    You can learn more about Arizona expungements, set asides and record sealing here.

    The state of Arizona maintains a somewhat streamlined system for disputing erroneous information contained in a criminal history record. Because people more often than not request a record to make certain it is accurate, a Review and Challenge of Arizona Criminal History Record Information is included with a criminal history record. In most cases, the person disputing the record hears back from the Central State Repository within about 15 days.

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    If the Central State Repository agrees that an error exist on the criminal history record, the record will be updated. This is done to ensure that records maintained by the FBI are accurate and in sync with those on the Arizona state level. The error on a criminal history record might stem from inaccurate information maintained by a particular court or arresting agency in the state.