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From Mary Shelley to Dan Brown, countless books, movies, and documentaries have tried to capture the mystery of Leonardo's Last Supper, but nothing comes close to witnessing it with your own eyes. Marvel at this legendary 15th-century mural painting, the most visited work of art in Europe, and let yourself be inspired by its setting, the Gothic convent of Santa Marie delle Grazie in Milan, to try to grasp its controversial religious symbolism.

Brilliantly restored after centuries of neglect, now the scene with Christ and his Apostles shines in brilliant colors. Equally brilliant Venetian and Lombard paintings are collected at the nearby Brera Art Gallery, that you can also visit with this combined ticket at a convenient schedule. Tuesday — Sunday: am — pm. Entry to the Last Supper Museum is allowed only at fixed times as shown on your reservation. Visitors must arrive on time to be allowed admission. During the booking process, you will be asked to select an entry time slot for the Last Supper Museum. Your Brera Art Gallery entry time will coincide with the first available time slot after your Last Supper Museum visit, taking into account the time necessary to reach the gallery.

Different requests must be notified by email after completing the request form. Your order request will be kept on hold until next ticket release date and your credit card or other means of payment will be charged only once your reservation has been confirmed. Requests are processed in booking order. Please select day and time of visit, number of people, and type of tickets to see ticket prices for a specific date. Online reservation is limited to groups up to 10 people maximum.

Everyone has heard that it was recently restored and finally unveiled after years and years during which the public was not allowed to see it.

A Look at "The Last Supper," a Famous Fresco by Leonardo da Vinci

But did you know why Leonardo painted this particular subject? Did you know that it is one of the most popular subjects and that almost every Renaissance painter worth his salt has a cenacolo as they are called in Italian under his belt? The setting of this masterpiece may give you your best clue, for it is hanging on the wall of the refectory in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.

What is a refectory? Why, it is the large hall where monks and nuns take their meals.


Traditionally, the good brothers and sisters were supposed to talk as little as possible during their repasts, and so it was very common to give them inspirational art to contemplate as they chewed. What better subject for a refectory than the most famous meal in the Bible? In his best-seller The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown speculates about why the artist depicted his cenacolo the way he did, but we wager you already know all about that!

Leonardo painted this jewel between and As great an artist as he was, Leonardo was not trained in the art of fresco, and so instead of putting the greatest emphasis on the correct techniques and materials, he concentrated on the artistic effect he wanted to achieve, relying on oil and egg tempera, a combination which never really melded with the dry gesso foundation.

Over the years, the colors faded, spotted and even fell to the ground. I am planning a trip to Italy in May and want to include one day in Milan for the sole purpose of seeing The Last Supper. Flight and lodging must be finalized long before The Last Supper tickets are offered. Would you know if we can feel reasonably confident we can get six tickets on the only day we would have available once sales for that day open? How quickly do they sell out in peak seasons? Thank you. How far in advance can you purchase tickets?

Do they only open ticket sales 60 or 90 days in advance? Thanks so much. The tickets appear constantly on the Vivaticket website but go quite quicky. Thanks for great information, Natalie! We will be traveling to Italy, Perillo Tours, in October, Maybe we could hire you? Debbie Barnsley. Hi Debbie!

The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci

My address is on the contact page on the top menu. I was going to call to get tickets on the land line but there are not enough numbers, do you know what the correct number is?? Hi, I am going to be in Milan on 10 May and keep going online to vita tickets and May has not appeared. I have rang the iffice and theysay have not been released but keep looking. I am after 4 tickets. Is that correct? Heading there in September. It is a very old site and not very English friendly, so I have included the best alternatives but you pay a small surcharge for the ease of convenience.

Can you help me with that? I find their customer service to be responsive so just check that all the links work and download the tickets after you buy them so you can follow up with any issues. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Looking out at the Milan rain, I was less sure.

10 Facts You Might not Know about the Masterpiece

While it IS faded, the fresco is actually well restored. The perspective is masterful. Learn More Seeing the Last Supper in person is unforgettable but you only have 15 minutes with the masterpiece. Buon Viaggio! Natalie Natalie is a food and travel writer who has been living in Rome full time since December 8, at pm Reply. Carol says: Thanks for the great tip! July 24, at am Reply. Natalie says: Hi Carol! Jessica says: Hi Natalie…Thanks so much for this and all your other posts. September 16, at am Reply. September 20, at pm Reply.

Nedra says: How long does this take from getting your ticket to from when time is up?

March 9, at pm Reply. Natalie says: Hi Nedra! The ticket gives you 15 minutes inside with the fresco. Nedra says: Thank you!

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Tanya says: I have tried several times to get tickets online for the last supper april 17 or 18 with no luck. March 30, at am Reply. Natalie says: No — they release the month at once. August 8, at am Reply. Thomas says: HI Natalie, I will be there on a 1st sunday, and I noticed that the tix are offered for Free but states that it needs to be called into the office? April 21, at am Reply. MA says: Valuable information.

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May 10, at am Reply. May 21, at am Reply. June 12, at pm Reply. Natalie says: great tip! But I would guess you really do need to be lucky! Shelley says: What a great post. Thanks for the information. July 25, at pm Reply. September 9, at pm Reply. Amy Cochran says: Great info! September 25, at am Reply. Brook a says: How far in advance can you purchase tickets? October 17, at am Reply.


Last Supper

Frank Donovan says: The tickets appear constantly on the Vivaticket website but go quite quicky. October 30, at pm Reply. Debbie Barnsley says: Thanks for great information, Natalie! February 7, at pm Reply. Natalie says: Hi Debbie! Jackie says: I was going to call to get tickets on the land line but there are not enough numbers, do you know what the correct number is??

February 15, at pm Reply. John williams says: Hi, I am going to be in Milan on 10 May and keep going online to vita tickets and May has not appeared. February 23, at am Reply.