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It is a hollowed-out husk of a voice, a voice that has seen so much life and so much death and carries so much of both with it. We are not accustomed to hearing canonized songwriters sing in a voice like this. We are also not accustomed to seeing stars put out albums as great as You Want It Darker a month past their 82nd birthday. We barely have a vocabulary for it. And then, just like that, he died. And like Blackstar , it is a remarkable parting gift. But Cohen was not yet gone when he made this — whatever his health problems were, the songs are full of life and grace, reflections on a life lived well but not at all simply.

On the title track, with its nimble bass line and apocalyptic choir, he rattles off atrocities with razor-sharp urgency. Even in his 82nd year, Cohen was still digging into new musical territory. Darker is less reliant on female backing vocalists than any album Cohen had made in decades; his own remarkable voice, worn but not defeated, slides into full focus. Cohen apparently recorded some of these vocals into a microphone placed on the dining-room table because his back problems made it tough for him to leave the house.

Perhaps he knew it would mark his final recordings, perhaps not, but he still spent those final months committing himself to the greatness that has defined his career. The legendary producer invited Cohen to his home, which Cohen remembers being so freezing he had to wear his coat indoors.

He had guns. He had booze. There were so many session musicians cramming the studio he could barely move. The famous story — first reported in Ira B. Jekyll and Mr. So what does this have to do with the music? But now for the defense: I love the disastrously received record this unholy partnership created.

Spector and Cohen were laughably mismatched — one a brilliant but megalomaniacal drunk obsessed with grandiosity; the other a brooding songwriter accustomed to spending years refining songs and arrangements — but their coupling brought us one of the most fascinating albums of the s. And the songs! The songs are very good. And speaking of arousal, Cohen has never been quite so preoccupied with the grittier details of sex and this is a guy who had already sung about getting head from Janis Joplin.

When people who know little of Leonard Cohen, who have only a rudimentary knowledge of the songwriter, hear his name evoked — in conversation, perhaps, or during an awards show — this is what they probably envision. Songs Of Leonard Cohen is as straightforwardly definitive as its title. Of course, he was hardly young. The singer was well into his 30s and had already tried his hand as a poet and novelist, to mixed success, by the time Songs Of Leonard Cohen appeared in late Few considered him a musician, and Cohen himself struggled with uncertainty about his limited voice; performing at the Newport Folk Festival shortly before Songs was recorded, he was said to have been overcome with anxiety and stage fright.

He refused to tour until after Songs From A Room. But the songs spoke for him. The album was recorded in New York with folk-rock maestro John Simon, in a tiny Columbia studio outfitted with not much more than a chair, a mirror, and some incense. The songs reflect that spare aesthetic: There is not a wasted note, nor a gratuitous syllable. Even then, Cohen had a remarkable precision of language in his songs. You want it darker? The Future is grand in both scale and design. Nearly every track exceeds the six-minute mark. Quite the contrary: He disappeared, spending the rest of the decade in Buddhist seclusion at the Mt.

He remained there for years, not releasing another album of new material for nearly a decade. It also made him into even more of an enigma. Cohen had always been a mysterious entity, but during that decade he seemed to fade into pop culture ghosthood, leaving The Future behind as his would-be final masterpiece — searing, apocalyptic, and as suffused in myth and darkness as the man himself.

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This is the sound of a songwriter at the peak of his powers growing bored with his sound. So he changed it up. On New Skin , he is obsessed with the themes that would thread through his career: spirituality, eroticism, isolation, loss, eroticism, war, eroticism.

Leonard Cohen's 20 Best Songs

And even more sex. Cohen could dazzle you with biblical allusions, but he also loved to see you naked over there, especially from the back. After his death last week, fans in New York naturally gathered in mourning at the Hotel Chelsea. With New Skin and its polarizing follow-up, he made clear that he had no interest in repeating himself. The story is that Cohen was dismayed by the tepid response to the Songs From A Room tour and wanted to give up.

He proposed releasing two live albums instead of new material. His producer balked at that idea, so instead Cohen went into the studio and recorded a masterpiece of unrelenting intensity. Every track here there are just eight of them radiates hot blasts of despair, isolation, rage, longing, and — yes — love and hate. For new listeners wondering why Cohen is worshipped by goth icons like Trent Reznor and Nick Cave, start here.

Much of the discussion about Songs Of Love And Hate focuses on the lyrics — understandably so — which obscures the fact that the arrangements are both understated and perfect. So the music is sparse, but not skeletal or boringly so. But Cohen went synth-pop. The sound is one of slick, meticulous Europop: drum machines, synthesizers, synclaviers, sequencers — Cohen had flirted with this stuff on Various Positions , but here he dives all the way in. The title track, much like another deceptively wedding-ready hit from the era, R. His most apocalyptic work yet was just around the corner, but the man has never quite topped this masterpiece.

It set the template for the rest of his career. Features 10 Best Songs. Album Of The Week. Band To Watch. Breaks With Tradition. Cover Story. Counting Down. Gotcha Covered. Gummy Awards. Premature Evaluation. Shut Up Dude. Sounding Board. Status Ain't Hood. Stereogum Sessions. Straight To Video. The Anniversary. The Black Market. The Number Ones. The Week In Pop. Tracking Down.

Ugly Beauty. Ultimate Playlist. All Features. Anthony Prezioso.

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It was originally 80 verses long – and 19 other facts about Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

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