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Darien Vincent Carpenter. Germanton, NC. Gary Oneil Hairston.

  1. Stanly County Sheriff's Office P2C.
  2. sheriff's office.
  3. Captain James Rowell.

Child Support, OFA. Winston Salem, NC. Jason Wayne Thornton. Sex Offender, WFA.

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Walnut Cove, NC. Daryl Leonard Lawson. Civil, OFA. Madison, NC. Matthew Coty White. John Jerry Hayes Jr.

Matthew Orell Stovall. Criminal, OFA. Lawsonville, NC. Timothy Aaron Martin. Randall Jason Burchette. Stoneville, NC.

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Linda Kay Sellars. Criminal, WFA. Bryan Alfonso Gilliam. Curtis Lee Hughes.

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Westfield, NC. Lisa Ann Belcher. Civil OFA. Joseph Michael Baxley.

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Mount Airy, NC. Civil Order Commitment. Joshua Daniel Thomas. Civil Order for Arrest.

The legislature now requires that the facts being alleged must be in writing, both for summons and warrants. However, for a warrant, there must also be corroborating evidence from a sworn law enforcement official or a disinterested witness. The new law also requires that the warrant be issued only if the judicial official finds that investigation by law enforcement will cause a substantial burden on the complainant. The judicial official must also take into account several factors including but not limited to failures to appear, flight risk, and the risk of imminent danger.

The legal change has several different effects that likely have caused the uptick in summons over warrants. The written affidavit that must be submitted can have its limitations because some are not equipped to fully explain, through writing, what exactly is going on.

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Another issue is getting corroborating evidence; often, law enforcement is not around during the incident. Also, utilizing a disinterested witness is also difficult as it is unlikely that someone would volunteer to come forward and support the claims. Each type of process has its benefits and drawbacks.

Summons are quick, easy ways to help law enforcement investigate incidents that they did not see or could not have seen.

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It is way to protect the public by creating a court date and allowing for fact finding to occur. Summons also, and most importantly, help you avoid being arrested and processed. One of the drawbacks is there are occasions when the victim could require extra protection and jailing the defendant may have been a more serious warning to the defendant.

Warrants are a good option because they can serve as a quality deterrent because when the defendant comes in, they are arrested and processed.